Try the 30 Day Challenge!

Interested in giving the Equinety 30 Day Challenge a try?

The Equinety 30 Day Challenge is about giving horses Equinety and see how much they change in 30 days. In 3 years of being on the market, there are SO many happy customers using Equinety!

The amino acids in Equinety have a patent based on the science and, in turn, stimulate the pituitary gland to release more hormones that help the body to repair at a cellular level.

If you search FB for #TeamEquinety and #Equinety you’ll find quite a few people talking about it and posting pictures. Also, our website has quite a few testimonials as well!

Before challenge

After challenge

Place Your ORDER TODAY and take the Equinety 30 Day Challenge!

Equinety Horse XL

For the LOVE of your Horse!

  • Improve muscle support for strength and recovery
  • Stronger Collagen for healthier coat and bones
  • Maximize performance with cell regeneration
  • Calmer & More Focused
  • Less stressed & faster recovery

LRVHP Number

Equinety has been granted an LRVHP Number (Low Risk Veterinary Health Product) – NN.A5W6 https://www.lrvhp.ca/public/products/ and search for Equinety