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Best Muscle Recovery Natural Supplements for Horses (2023)

Horses are specially trained to cover long distances and participate in different exercises. But at the same time, these activities cause muscle fatigue. Muscle disorders are common in horses due to many reasons. These reasons include diseases and infections that badly affect horses’ daily routines. Besides them, vitamin E deficiency is also responsible for lousy muscle health, which can cause sudden death in horses.

If your Equine is also facing muscle disorders, you need to know the best muscle recovery supplements for horses to boost their muscle growth. Horse muscle supplements help horses to boost their performance and get instant muscle recovery. They also help in getting muscle mass and growth.
What helps fast muscle recovery in horses?
Protein plays a vital role in the fast muscle recovery of horses because it can rebuild damaged muscles. Protein assists the repair and growth of tissues, so use supplements that includes electrolytes, vitamin E, and amino acids.

The best supplement for the muscle recovery of horses in 2023 is Equinety Horse XL because it contains amino acids ideal for cellular repair. It has 8 amino acids that will help your equine recover the fastest muscle and regenerate cells for healthier muscles. You can add this product to feed your horse and get desired results within days.

Equinety Horse XL will also help your horse get rid of fatigue due to excessive exercise and distance traveled so that your equine will get the proper quantity of amino acids in its diet.

The main drawback of muscle recovery supplements is their side effects. After using this product, you will not experience any of them as it does not contain sugar, soy, starches, or fillers. You will get 100 days supply that will help your Equine to fast muscle recovery and sufficient mass growth.

How long do horses need to recover?

Each horse’s recovery time is different based on muscle fatigue, the condition of the horse, and exercise level. A horse can fully recover within 24 to 48 hours if it is not facing any swear conditions. In many conditions, the horses require up to 5 days to recover their muscles.

The diagnosis process is also essential in determining the recovery time for the equine. So if your horse is facing any muscle injury, you should consult a vet before and start the treatment of the injury.

Recovery of muscles after injury requires more time. So you can expect up to 3 weeks for complete recovery. Massage and stretching of muscles are also helpful for recovery during these 3 weeks.

Nutrition to Help Fastest Muscles Recovery in Equine

Nutrition plays a vital role in the fastest muscle recovery in equine. So for choosing the best nutrition, keeps these points in your mind.

1. Proteins:

Protein plays a vital role in repairing tissues and building muscles. So while deciding the nutrition, go for protein-rich foods for the fastest muscle recovery for your horse.

After an injury, your equine will experience muscle mass and strength reduction. But including sufficient protein in nutrition will help keep the loss at a minimum level. It will also help quick recovery, and increased protein intake will quickly rebuild any lost muscle.

The inclusion of protein in the diet of equine will also help muscles to recover faster during sleep and exercise for recovery as well.

2. Vitamin E and Fats:

Vitamin E is an essential element of the nutrition of equine for the fastest recovery of muscles as it works as an antioxidant. It will also help a horse to keep free from stress caused by muscle fatigue and injuries.

Fats are also the most significant energy source that will build muscle strength and growth quickly. If you are providing a sufficient amount of fats in your diet, then your equine will be able to recover from any muscle injury fully.

3. Zinc:

Zinc is an essential source of regeneration of muscles because it supports many proteins and enzymes in the horse’s diet. It is involved in the production and functioning of muscles, especially in the recovery process. So if your horse is facing any muscle disorder, then it is advised to add zinc to the diet for better and quicker recovery.

4. Magnesium:

Higher magnesium intake is associated with bone strength and firmness, so for the fastest muscle recovery, add this mineral to the equine diet. It will also help repair and maintain joints that are too important after getting an injury or muscle disorder in the horse.

5. Water intake:

Proper hydration is one of the essential elements for the fastest recovery of muscles in horses. A hydrated horse’s body will help nutrition reach the desired place for the healing and recovery process. It also promotes proper blood circulation in the body. Dehydration will cause more fatigue in your equine, resulting in more muscle fatigue and slowing down the recovery process.

Best Ways to Improve Horse Performance After Recovery:

It is not easy to improve the horse’s performance after muscle recovery because the horse’s fitness level has significantly dropped due to extended breaks. You should follow these points to improve the horse’s performance after recovery.

  • Make a proper exercise timetable for your equine and follow it strictly. Start with a minimum duration to make exercise convenient for the horse, then increase the duration.
  • Cool down your horse correctly after exercising daily. It will help the body of the equine from overheating. A 5 to 10 minutes walk will help to cool your equine.
  • Proper hydration and nutrition are necessary to improve the horse’s performance after recovery. It will help him get back to the previous routine quickly.
  • A post-workout massage is another way of improving the horse’s performance after muscle recovery. It will help in relaxing the muscles and reducing any kind of pain or swelling.

Including the right supplement like Equinety Horse XL will help your Equine regain its performance after recovery because amino acid is necessary for the equine at this stage. It will also help your horse to overcome any fatigue caused by exercise after recovery.

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