Senior Horse Care Guide 2023 (Feed and Supplements)

Horses require the best diet to perform their day-to-day activities. So whether you have a performance horse or a working horse, you must take proper care of its diet. Aging is a natural process that leads to many changes in the horse. After attaining the age of 20 years, it is advised to change the horse’s diet.

Your horse can perform better in old age with fresh grass and some supplements. You should also consider nutritional needs and digestion issues to maximize the feed intake of senior horses.

If we talk about the best feed for senior horses, it should comprise minerals and vitamins necessary to provide maximum strength to them. Diet of a senior horse that is easily digested and chewed is beneficial for maintaining their health at an ideal level. Many kinds of feed are available for aged horses, but you should go for those suitable for your equine.

Best Senior Horse Supplements:

Senior horses are supposed to get a better diet to support their immunity and digestion system. Supplements that include vitamins, minerals, energy, and protein are helpful to boost the energy level of aged equine because they will give them the necessary strength. We recommend the following supplements if you want the best supplement for a senior horse.

Equinety Horse XL is a magical product for senior horses to fight against all age-related diseases. This product contains 100% pure amino acids, essential for horses to build protein in their body. There are eight different types of amino acids in this product. It is beneficial for senior horses to improve their poor hoof and coat quality, lose muscle mass, and boost recovery from any illness. These amino acids also promote cellular repair in old horses and fulfill all body requirements.

Joint issues are common in senior horses. Equinety Horse XL also deals with all types of joint problems by strengthening them and repairing damaged joints quickly. This product also provides strong bones and healthier coats to aged horses so that they can perform better. Due to cell regeneration ability, your horse will also get the best health if you regularly add Equinety Horse XL to its diet.

This product is also economical and comes in packing of 600g, which is sufficient for 100 servings. It features a natural formula, so it doesn’t have starches, soy, or sugar. Hence your senior horse will remain healthy and pose in the best health.

Equinety Ultimate OEC is another excellent product for senior horses to keep them healthy and efficient at any age. This product contains different natural ingredients that are best for the equines. This product has Vitamin E, essential for aged horses with specific health issues. Muscles, nerves, and all internal organs will work smoothly with the help of this product. It also contains colloidal silver and flaxseed-based omega 3 to support the immunity level of your equine and prevents dull coats and dry skin. Colloidal silver is also ideal as it helps fight against viral infections and bacteria that can cause series damage to aged horses.

If you want to get the perfect supplement for your senior equine, you should combine Equienty Horse XL and Equienty Ultimate OEC to make a powerful supplement for it. Combining these two products will provide your horse with vitamins, minerals, and protein and improve its health at any age. It is also quite economical and will work best with natural feed. You can give 1 scoop to your horse daily, but if it is recovering from any kind of injury or surgery, then you can give 1 scoop in the morning and 1 scoop in the evening for best results.

Senior Horse Weight Gain Supplement:

Weight loss is common in old horses due to many reasons. Bad dental conditions, low appetite, or different diseases like arthritis, eye issues, injuries, digestion issues, etc., are the main reason for weight loss.

The best way of gaining weight is to add a natural supplement to the senior horse’s diet because it will provide its body with what it needs. Suppose you are looking for the best weight gain supplement for a senior horse. In that case, you should try the combination of Equinety Horse XL and Equinety Ultimate OEC because it will make the most effective and solid supplement. Your horse will not only gain sufficient weight, but it will also help your senior equine get healthier coats and bones. This magical supplement also boosts cell regeneration and maximizes the performance of dull and aged horses.

Senior Horse Diet Care:

Diet care is essential for any age of a horse. If you own a senior horse, they need the best diet and special care. Ensure that your senior horse gets a high-quality diet because it will not help your horse perform better at this age, but it will also be able to fight different diseases and improve its immunity level.

Good diet care for senior horses will also improve their body condition. So you can add Equienty Ultimate OEC and Equinety Horse XL to their diet to provide all necessary minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and protein. It is the best diet care for your senior horse to keep it healthy and efficient.


What is different about senior horse feed?

A young horse can feed conveniently because it has a robust digestive system. But if you are looking for the best feed for the senior horse, you should think of a diet that is easy to chew and digest, low in sugar, low in soluble carbohydrates, and higher in fiber content.

Add fiber to their feed and ensure high-quality sources of minerals, vitamins, and protein in their diet. Feed at least three times a day, and add a natural supplement like Equinety Horse XL and Equinety Ultimate OEC to the diet of senior horses for the best energy level and health at this age.

What nutrients do older horses need?

If you have a senior horse, you should take more care of its health, so feed your horse with a high-quality diet that can fulfill all of its nutrient needs. Provide fresh grass to the senior horse as it is easy to chew and digest. Add natural supplements like Equinety Horse XL to the horse’s diet. It will provide all necessary minerals, vitamins, and amino acids for maintaining its health at an ideal level.

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