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Horse Tying Up?

Before and 30 Days Later on Equinety

“I just want you guys to know I think your supplement is absolutely amazing! I have a 15 yr old paint mare who has suffered from navicular for years and she’s been on all types of supplements but nothing seemed to relieve her pain. One day I stumbled upon Equinety and decided to give it a try! And in less than 30 days she was getting around so much better and just seemed happier!”

Jaimie Hamsmith

Foundered Horse in both Front Feet 🙁 38 days later 🙂 !

“We were afraid we were going to have to put him down because he could hardly walk and we didn’t want him to suffer.

We started Equinety on Aug 1st and he gets it at his evening feeding. He is walking much better and doesn’t have that helpless and defeated look in his eyes anymore! He wants to go out with the other horses instead of laying down all the time!”

Thank you Equinety! – Karen Lynn

FAST RECOVERY - 13th out of 553 - Texarkana 10-15-17

Chasin Perks was 13th on Saturday out of 553 and ended up 10th in the average. I could feel how much harder she was running during her run. Both of my mares recovered easily. Love this product, I’m sold on Equinety it for sure!

Barrel Racer, Jodi Loosenort - No More Bute!

Olympian Eventer Anita Gilmour - No Hock Injections

Bowed Tendon?

Back Soreness?

Calm - Focused - Recovery

I Have My Horse Back!

Barrel Racer, Caylee Gee - Calmer & Focused

Jessica - Barrel Racer - Less Anxiety - Travels Better!

Lauren Barwick - Challenges of Competing the High Perfomance Horse

Jaimey & Tina Irwin - Why Every Horse In Their Stable is on Equinety

Stephanie Bates & Sandy - No More Back Soreness!

Hilary FINALLY has Sadie's attention!

Arthritis, Pulled Tendon and Laminitis (WHAT?)

"This is my horse and he has arthritis really bad in both front feet! And he pulled a tendon in his hawk last August! So he was stressed out bad! He developed laminitis and I was trying everything I could to stop it! So I came across this product and after 2 weeks he changed and now after all this he can. So a little canter! My shoer was so happy to see his feet look so good ! And all I did was give him Equinety! He wink always have trouble, but at least he not getting laminitis! Feeling blessed for my horse."

Kym McDaniel

Improvement in his focus, suppleness & little to no stiffness when warming up

"Only after a couple weeks of using Equinety, I noticed a difference in his coat as far as even the texture of it! He's been having a hard time growing back a coat since we clipped him in November and it was becoming very dull. So I definitely noticed a difference after him starting this supplement. And after a month much improvement in his focus, suppleness, little to no stiffness when warming up, wanting to go on the bit willingly, and a very shiny coat! I wanted to share a before and after photo of my 19 year Holsteiner Justin. Loved it so much I already purchased a 3 months supply. Thank you for an awesome product!"






Equinety has helped James Cushings!


Hi John,

Finally got the time to sit down and write you in regards to how James is doing on the Equinety!
The ONLY thing I have changed in his regimen is adding Equinety...It's taken some time, but now, almost 3 months after starting with that free tub and ordering my first tub (almost out, need to re-order!), I am noticing amazing things in regards to James!

The clincher was last week... Jane Weatherwax came down here to do a clinic in Valley Center. She was last here 3 months ago and I lessoned with her both days then and both days this past weekend (Nov 14-15).
As soon as she saw James warm up she asked me "what have you been doing? He looks like you've oiled his joints with WD-40! She said the difference in his movement was amazing! I ran out of joint supplement about a month ago, not a good thing to do with an older horse, but life has been a little insane around here lately, and haven't gotten around to it.

Anyway, Jane was highly complimentary of both James and me, and she noticed how awesome Jimmy was looking and the ONLY thing I changed was adding Equinety to his diet. He has always had an amazing work ethic, he just likes to get out and work, but now, it seems like I'm getting even better focus and stamina from him.

Jane told me that she knew you and was familiar with Equinety, when I told her that was what I was now using on James and she had great things to say about you and your company!

I have to say, I'm totally convinced that it's the Equinety.

James is sound, feels better under saddle than he has for years, he's cheerful, (he's a happy, affectionate horse, anyway, but even more so now), he's got more stamina, his coat and hooves look great (but I've always been fortunate that he's always had great, healthy feet, despite getting laminitis 2.5 years ago, due to complications of Cushings/IR).

He's healthy and although his topline still needs more muscle, but I think he looks pretty good for a 19 year old Cushings/IR horse! Jane mentioned a few times she couldn't believe he was 19, as he was moving and working like a much younger horse!

Anyway, I'm rambling, but the proof is in the pudding,  🙂 . James is going to be on Equinety forever!
I'm convinced...It took a little while, but I'm glad I stuck with it!

Thank you!!!
Angela and James 🙂




Leslie Richards busts out a 14.997...


WOW! Leslie Richards (before using Equinety) finished 15th in the NBHA World Championships in 2015. This year... 2016, while using Equinety on her horses, finished 9th! Congratulations!!! Faster Recovery, More Focused - Ready to RUN!



Ashley Allen Phillips & Donovan - Bare Spot Won't Grow Hair

Donovan - Ashley Phillips2

"Donovan had this horrible bare spot on his shoulder for forever....I could not get rid of it. It started out as a blanket rub so I put MTG on it and then Donovan chewed all of the hair off on and around the spot from the MTG. I had the vet look at it and he prescribed a topical ointment for fungus which helped the irritation but did not grow the hair back. Finally (after more than 6 months of no hair), I put Donovan on Equinety and he grew all of his hair back within a month! I still do not know what caused this to get out of control but it was obviously an internal deficiency that kept the hair from growing back. This is one of the MANY reasons why I love Equinety."




Dawson 3 Dawson 4

Vallerie Gibbons - Equinety Horse XL

"My horse, Dawson's Creek, sustained a ligament injury in the fall of 2015. I have laid him up, done injections, shock wave therapy, etc. A few weeks into his re-hab trot sets, I talked with Ashley Phillips, who's been using the Equinety XL product. Within a week of Dawson being on Equinety, I saw a marked improvement in his soundness! I have now ordered the Equinety XL and will be keeping Dawson on this product! Thank you Equinety & Ashley!!"

Heather Kosmowski - Equinety

Heather Kosmowski - Equinety Horse XL

Heather Kosmowski - Equinety Horse XL

Thank you Charlie for the run tonight! 15.6 at The Panty Raid! Thank you to everyone who has helped us get there, including Equinety Horse Products! Thanks for the free sample, looks like I will be a return customer!


Chronic Back Pain

Equinety Horse 2


Ana Suffers From Laminitis!

Equinety HorseEquinety Review – I’ve had my mare, Ana, on Equinety for a full month now and I’m so happy I gave it a try! Ana is a 16.2 Hanoverian mare that suffers from laminitis. While we have that under control and she is “sound”, I had noticed that, while being kept on a dry lot, the life had just gone from her eyes.

She wasn’t the same horse. She seemed a bit depressed. I didn’t know if or how Equinety could/would help her but I was more than willing to try anything. I’m so incredibly pleased to say that her life is back, she’s back to being the stinker she’s always been ( she’s always been a bit of a spoiled brat). She looks at me like she did when she was on 24/7 turnout in the pasture. When I ride, she’s more focused and almost seems more alert ( this is not always good lol).

She’s an amazing horse and with Equinety, I have her back.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to give it a try!

Kristie Lindley

Madison Al



Dianne & Rosie 1Dianne & Romancia
Equine Canada High Performance Dressage Coach
I have been giving my horse Romancia, Equinety’s Horse XL for the last few months and have been very pleased with the results. She is quickly moving forward in her training and I have noticed a major improvement in her recovery! She has slowly stopped the heavy, anxious breathing. When Romancia has a break during her ride, she is now relaxed, and when I pick up the reins and get back to work, she has great energy. Her coat is shiny, her body muscled, and most of all she is happier! Thanks so much Equinety!
J9 5Janine & Seven
Professional Rodeo Rider
My beautiful mare, Seven, is 9-years-old and we barrel race competitively .
Since she started her daily supplement of Equinety’s Horse XL, she has increased her energy and performance while barrel racing. And she now has an amazing enthusiasm for running the barrels and wanting to race.
What I also find amazing is that Seven responds immediately while in the field, when she would normally run away.
She has become more balanced hormonally when she is in heat, and seems to have a much more positive mood. Thank you, Equinety!
2012-07-30 17.19.56Jason Surnoski
Para Equestrian Rider
My current horse that I ride is 22 years old and has been having some joint issues and having trouble keeping the weight we want on him. Since giving your product to him he has been feeling and looking great! Your product is amazing and we will continue to use it.
barbra-reisBarbra & Brilliant Reflection
FEI Dressage Trainer

I started four of my horses on Equinety Horse XL one month ago, each with different results.Legal Majority is my FEI partner and after the first week I noticed he had more flexibility in his muscles, seeming to warm up faster and be more supple in his movements. The other big improvement is his hair coat -he has been shedding out much quicker this year and his spring coat is gorgeous!

Sonnentag FGF is a also on the product and the main thing I have noticed is his stamina and ability to be stronger in his hocks/stifles/hindquarters. He also appears to recover faster from intense workouts and not be fatigued.

Brilliant Reflection has an old deep digital flexor tendon and suspensory injury and after using the product for three weeks, I have been able to take him off of his daily dose of anti-inflamatory drug. He is sound and pain free.

What’s The Record, a TB Gelding, has screws in his knee. After using Equinety Horse XL, he no longer needs a monthly injection and it also cleared up some swelling in his hind fetlocks.

I would highly recommend Equinety Horse XL as a daily supplement to aid in stamina, joint and tendon health as well as a beautiful hair coat!

Tina Irwin & Winston

- 2011 Pan American Games Team Silver Medalist with Winston in Guadalajara Mexico– 2015 Team Bronze Medalist at the Nations Cup in Wellington FL

– 1st Place in the Intermediare 1 Freestyle at the Global Dressage Festival CDI in Wellington FL with Fancy That

“I have two of my top competition horses on Equinety’s Horse XL supplement and cannot believe how amazing and shiny their coats are! Fancy That and Laurencio have coats that shine from miles away. We have received many compliments on how great they look! Both horses recover very quickly from their workouts and are in top shape physically. Equinety has helped us look our best in and out of the show ring, and has given us an edge in taking my horses fitness to the next level.”

Shara - Bakari

Shauna & Bakari
Hunter / Jumper

"I am the owner of a European warm blood, 12-year-old gelding named Bakari, 16’2 hands who competes in the Adult/Amateur Owner A A Circuit Division in Ontario. Bakari can be stiff in his left shoulder and knee due to a hall he had in the field a few years earlier and I was concerned about how he would performand if he could manage an entire show season. I was impressed with Equinety’s ingredients and followed the suggested daily servings… Bakari’s shoulder and knee movement improved significantly in flexibility and strength, he was calmer and braver in the show ring and maintained his weight wonderfully. There was a period of 3-4 weeks where I stopped giving Bakari Equinety and his stiffness returned, and in addition, he lost weight and his coat was not near as glowing as previously. A true test of Equinety was that after 3 weeks of putting Bakari back on the product, his stiffness was gone and his weight and muscle strength improved again. I highly recommend Equinety. The results speak for themselves."

Denielle Gallagher-Legriffon & Argo Conty Tyme
- Short listed for the Canadian Olympic Team with Grand Prix horse Abrikos
- Short listed for the Pan American Games Team with Argo Conty Tyme
- USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist
- USDF Gold Freestyle Medalist
- Multiple wins – National and CDI Levels
- Silver Medal Team in the Sydney Australia Invitational
“Since I have started using Equinety Horse XL on multiple horses, I’ve noticed changes in all of them. I am always running my own trials and once I find something that works I stick with it for life! Equinety has not only made the coat’s of my horses like mirrors, I’ve also found a more focussed mind and a physical endurance which is much needed in Dressage. My husband has Jumpers and has noticed the same amazing changes. I would recommend Equinety to anyone who is looking to help their horse be the best athlete it can be!”
 Karen Pavicic & Don Daiquiri
- FEI Trainer and Competitor
- Equine Canada High Performance Dressage Coach
- World FEI Individually Ranked Dressage Rider
- Member of Canadian Dressage Team for the World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France
- Dressage Canada Board Member and Co-Chair of Athlete’s Council
“Since starting to give Equinety’s Horse XL to my high performance dressage horses, I have noticed many positive changes. My horses well-being is my number one priority, and they have benefited greatly with Equinety, in particular, showing an increase in muscle mass and improved focus. I feel that they are maintaining peak performance with the use of just one product, and their hooves and coat have never looked better. I am honored to be using this extremely high quality supplement.”

Navicular disease 

Sue & BudSusan & Bud

“Bud has suffered from Navicular disease for 10-12 years and has not been rideable for the last 3 of them. He has been walking with a lot of pain and has been out for retirement due to his discomfort.After only a few days on Equinety’s Horse XL, he was walking better and now after only a few short weeks, he is loping, taking on hills and is back to bossing around his Equine friends!

We are so happy! Everyone at the farm has seen such a huge improvement in him. Thank you Equinety!”


Linda & Cinco
3 – USEF National Champions
National Pony Finals Winner
Penn National Overall Pony Grand Champion
“When I first learned about Equinety’s Horse XL, I was a bit skeptical as I’ve seen so many Equine supplements through the years and my horse, Cinco, has a personality that is like no other horse I’ve ever seen! Let’s say he can be VERY challenging… After learning more about how Equinety works in the body, I was confident to give it a try. One of the first things I noticed was a complete personality and attitude improvement! In addition, his overall demeanor and performance improved to a level I never thought was possible! I highly recommend Equinety to anyone looking for a positive change in their horse.
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