Steve Lantvit’s “Sure In The Saddle”

highlights the power of Equinety and Acupuncture on their 2 year old filly.
This episode was featured on RFDTV in Feb 2019.

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Navicular Horse
Before and 30 Days Later on Equinety

“I just want you guys to know I think your supplement is absolutely amazing! I have a 15 yr old paint mare who has suffered from navicular for years and she’s been on all types of supplements but nothing seemed to relieve her pain. One day I stumbled upon Equinety and decided to give it a try! And in less than 30 days she was getting around so much better and just seemed happier!”

– Jaimie Hamsmith

Horse Tying Up?

“My 3 yr old Thoroughbred Filly, Elsie Cole WON her allowance race at Thistledown, Cleveland, OH by 11 1/4 lengths with ease! She recovered great! Elsie is one of the first of my horses I put in Equity because she has tying up issues. Thanks again!”

– Robbin Selway

This was one of my top mare’s and now was possibly going to have to use her as a brood mare. She only had 3 races… placed 2nd, 1st, & 3rd … came up lame and never got to see her full potential. I started her on Equinety right away. The Vet thought that she had less then 50/50 chance of being a race horse again because there was a lot of chips and Slab Fracture also thought the filly would have serve arthritis and didn’t recommend surgery. I made the decision to go ahead with the surgery and now that the Vet has seen new X-rays, she very happy we did surgery!

These leg shots are of a mare who presented with a bit of a mystery lameness. In the pic you can see patchy circulation, along with dark patch in the front of the leg indicating an issue there. The 2nd image you can see even circulation and the dark patch in the front has diminished. You can also see the very hot line at the cornet band has also diminished. The mare is on month 2 and not quite sound but she is so far at a 70%  increases in soundness. The Vet now considers her Serviceably sound. The owner is hopeful she will continue to improve!

Foundered Horse in both Front Feet 🙁
38 days later 🙂 !

“We were afraid we were going to have to put him down because he could hardly walk and we didn’t want him to suffer.

We started Equinety on Aug 1st and he gets it at his evening feeding. He is walking much better and doesn’t have that helpless and defeated look in his eyes anymore! He wants to go out with the other horses instead of laying down all the time!”

Thank you Equinety! – Karen Lynn

Fast Recovery!
13th out of 553 – Texarkana 10-15-17

Chasin Perks was 13th on Saturday out of 553 and ended up 10th in the average. I could feel how much harder she was running during her run. Both of my mares recovered easily. Love this product, I’m sold on Equinety it for sure!

This OTTB mare had a very burnt and dull coat along with weight issues, ulcers, and she tends to need a lot of visits from the chiro and massage because of her growth and also competition. She is a 4 year old Barrel horse now. What your seeing in the 2 images is very interesting. In the image showing the darker zones those are cool zones and indicate poor circulation. The 2nd image was taken 2 weeks after starting Equinety. You can still see some darker zones but most of her body has started to really level itself out. There was no other changes in the horses routine.

This set of images is from a horse who was presented with constant and re-occurring abscesses. This had been going on for over 6 months and the horse was increasingly lame. The Vet and farrier had been out and both and confirmed abscess but according to testers it was located on the left side of the foot. This was a false reading. When I put thermals on the horse it showed moderate, sub solar abscess with a hot point on the right side of the foot. Along with contained soaking the owner decided to try the horse on Equinety.  As you can see the horse in the first 3 weeks became completely sound at all gaits. He also had nice growth in his hoof wall and his frog became healthier as you can see by the reduced heat in the cleft.

Barrel Racer, Jodi Loosenort
– No More Bute!

Olympian Eventer Anita Gilmour
– No Hock Injections

Bowed Tendon?

Back Soreness?

Barrel Racer, Caylee Gee
– Calmer & Focused

I Have My Horse Back!

Lauren Barwick
– Challenges of Competing the High Performance Horse

Jessica – Barrel Racer
– Less Anxiety – Travels Better!

Stephanie Bates & Sandy
– No More Back Soreness!

Jaimey & Tina Irwin
– Why Every Horse In Their Stable is on Equinety

– 12 yr old Arthritic Hocks

Hilary FINALLY has Sadie’s attention!

10 Years Lame
– New Hoof Growth Etc

“The day finally came where I can say Equinety worked!  I have been working 10 years now to get my boy sound after a dropped coffin bone. The past two years we have been working on whole body nutrition adding herbs to work from the inside out along side barefoot trimming. He was improving but still holding on to his run under heels. 30 days on Equinety we noticed he started walking softer, 60 days he had a lot of new sole growth, 90 days his false soles started to shed and uncovered beautiful new soles and strong bars pulling his heels back! We have been working for this for so long, it can’t be coincidence!! The magic finally happened once he got what he had been missing. Thank you for making Equinety available!”

Ashley Suster

Horse Supplements

“Equinety keeps my Intermediate eventing horse in top shape! I’ve noticed increased rate of recovery and significantly more dapples in her coat”.

Jessica DiCostanzo
Intermediate Eventer

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