Equinety Ultimate OEC

Omega 3 – Vitamin E – Colloidal Silver


Flaxseed Based Omega 3 Oil – Vitamin E – Colloidal Silver

**available in the USA only.

We are so excited to present Equinety Ultimate OEC, a veterinarian-developed, highly concentrated and nutritionally balanced flaxseed-based Omega 3 oil with Vitamin E and Colloidal Silver. Equinety’s Ultimate OEC Formula will help meet the needs of your horse to optimize a competitive edge, faster recovery, more stamina and immune support. Whether your horse is a high-performance horse, a horse in training, leisure riding, trail or rescue horse, Equinety Utlimate OEC gives your horse what it needs to help their cells operate at their optimal levels!

O – Omega 3’s and 6: Forage is usually high in Omega-3’s while grains are higher in the Omega-6’s. While these horses are not deficient in the fatty acids there is still benefit shown to supplementing an appropriate Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio oil. An increase in the Omega-3’s in the diet can be beneficial in chronic lower airway inflammatory disease, metabolic conditions in horses by increasing insulin sensitivity, increase fertility in both mare’s and stallions, increase in cardiovascular health, improved joint health and healthier skin and coats.

E – Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that is stored in the liver. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps maintain healthy muscle, immune and nerve function. A shortage of vitamin E might mean more oxidative damage occurs in cells throughout the body, including those in muscles, nerves and immune cells. When a horse’s workload increases, their need for antioxidants, including vitamin E, also goes up.

C – Colloidal Silver has been shown to have anti-bacterial properties to help fight bacterial and viral infections in horses. It is currently being used as an oral supplement, topically for wounds and in nebulizers for respiratory issues. When given orally there is data supporting that it helps with gastric ulcers as well as helping maintain a good thirst drive in horses.


** 1 jug of the Equinety Ultimate OEC  = 30 Day Supply

Guaranteed Analysis

Ultimate OEC serves as powerful, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial that aids in maintaining healthy muscles, immune and nerve function. For use in Equine Only.

Directions For Use: Administer 60 ML per day in your horse’s feed. (30 ML cup – included) 64 FL OZ = 30 Day Supply.

For easier dispensing – purchase the Ultimate OEC 15ML pump. The recommended rate of 60ML is four pumps.


Why is Equinety Ultimate OEC Important?

“After looking more in depth at the oils on the market I saw a void that could be filled. Most of the oils were built on a foundation of being Omega 6 rich instead of Omega 3 rich.

As research shows, we know the effects on the body from both essential fatty acids. Omega 3’s are positive = anti-inflammatory, (this is good!) vs Omega 6’s negative = pro-inflammatory, (this isn’t good). Having the proper ratio of Omega 3’s to 6’s is very important and we believe we’ve accomplished this with the Ultimate OEC!

Equinety has been doing amazing work at educating horse owners about the benefits of amino acids with their Equinety Horse XL so I knew they’d be a great company to educate horse owners on the benefits of this oil combination called Equinety Ultimate OEC!

With Equinety Ultimate OEC we hope to provide horses with a daily source of healthy Omega 3’s, Vitamin E and Colloidal silver which will improve their overall health in the multiple conditions these components of the product offer.

Ultimate OEC helps nutritionally support the cells that are repaired by using Equinety Horse XL (amino acids). These two Equinety products work synergistically to help provide a solid dietary foundation for all stages of the horse’s life”

Dr. Zach Bruggen


Dr. Zach Bruggen DMV

Dr. Zach is a Kansas native and grew up in Overland Park outside of Kansas City. His love for horses and the outdoors started at an early age and from the beginning he knew he wanted to be a Veterinarian. Dr. Zach bought his first horse when he was 15 years old and from that point every job he held incorporated horses to some degree.

He attended Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS where he doubled majored in Animal Science and Industry and Spanish and then received a minor in Equine Sciences. After graduating from Undergrad he was accepted to Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine where he was his Class President for his class all four years, worked in the clinical pathology lab and served
as a College Ambassador while tackling the heavy academic work load.

After graduating in May 2013 he accepted a year-long intensive Equine Internship at Tennessee Equine Hospital in Thompson’s Station, TN. At this high case load referral hospital he acquired a strong foundation in equine sports medicine and all other aspects of equine veterinary medicine. After the internship he was hired on as an associate with his intern mate to start a satellite practice in Memphis, TN. After two and a half years in Memphis he left to start his own ambulatory practice in Central Arkansas.

Elite Equine is an all encompassing equine practice that focuses on Equine Sports Medicine. He loves getting to work with his fantastic clients and horses on a daily basis.

**available in the USA only

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.