The Pros Who Love Equinety Horse XL and Ultimate OEC

Tyler and Jessi Wade both grew up competing in junior and high school rodeos, where they eventually met at a Texas High School Rodeo Association event. Married and residing in Terrell, Texas, the two share a son and travel to compete in rodeos all over the U.S. The world-ranked roper has multiple Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifications under his beltTyler had a multitude of wins in 2020, including Black Gold Stampede, the Mandan Rodeo Days, the Dinosaur Roundup Rodeo and the Cowboy Capital of the World PRCA Rodeo.

Tyler & Jessi Wade

“Our livelihood revolves around the longevity of our horses. They are athletes and we’ve got to take care of them too so that’s what Equinety’ products are for. What I love about their products is there are no sugars, no starches and no fillers. It’s 100% amino acids, you feed it daily, and it promotes cell regeneration so it’s keeping them sound and feeling fresh.”

Cheyenne Wimberley

“Equinety is great! It’s been over two years since we introduced it to our rodeo horses and our horses that are competing at the highest level and we’ve had great success. We’ve seen that it kept their muscle mass better and helped in their recovery time. You could see the horses never got run down or tired. They were rebounding like they had never even competed while they were traveling thousands of miles. It is a great product to have and we will continue to use it in our program!”

Cheyenne Wimberley is a four-time NFR qualifier from Stephenville, Texas. At 12 years old she won the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association’s (WPRA) Rookie of the Year Award, and in 1988, she made the first of two consecutive NPR appearances and finished the year ranked 14th in the world. After taking a break from rodeo and founding Cowboy Classic Saddlery with her parents, she reentered barrel racing during the 2019 season. In late August, she solidified her place among the top 15 and has qualified for the prestigious NFR for consecutive years.

Tina Irwin is a professional dressage athlete and coach from Canada. Stemming from a background in equestrian sport, her mother competed at the grand prix level in Canada, and Tina first began riding at 4 years old with her sister. In 2011, she helped Canada bring home the silver medal during the Pan American Games in Guadalajara. In 2017, she won both team and individual gold medals in the first leg of the AGDF Nations Cup series aboard Laurencio. Laurencio was named the 2017 Equestrian Canada Horse of the Year, and in 2019, the pair won back-to-back small tour wins, earning the Canadian Dressage Team the silver medal in the CDIO3* Nations Cup, before winning the team gold medal at the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, Peru. Today, she operates Stoney Lake Equestrian in Lakefield, Ontario alongside her husband, Canadian athlete Jaimey Irwin. 

Tina Irwin

“I first heard about Equinety in 2015 and I initially started one of our horses on the supplement. We were really happy with the results, so we’ve put most of our horses on the supplement now. I’ve found that their coats are extremely shiny and their muscle recovery is much quicker after working. We continue to use Equinety, especially on our top performance horses.”

Kelly Bowser

“I noticed that my horses focus better on what they’re supposed to be doing in training and while races. They are quicker and are overall more agreeable. I don’t have to fight with them so much. We gave one of our horses four months off and put him on Equinety. Within three days of riding him, he wanted to stride out and he just felt better. Another thing that I noticed is that my horses are happier.”

Kelly Bowser is an American barrel racer and trainer who specializes in futurity horses. In 1994, he won the AQHA World Championship, and horses he has developed have won titles at some of the biggest races in the United States including Fort Smith, Arkansas Futurity Championships, and qualified for the American Finals.

The Little family knows their rodeos. Collectively they have all won over 200 buckles, 20 saddles, a trailer, and countless amounts of prize money. Parents Lance and Cara, and their daughter Chloe all run barrels while their son Chance competes in team and calf roping. In 2014, Chloe was the first rider in the history of National Little Breeches to win all three rounds of the barrels and the Worlds.

The Little Family

“What do you do?” “How do they look so good?” “How do they look so healthy?” The only supplement we use is Equinety! Other people give their horses multiple supplements everyday when they rodeo like ours do, but all we need to use is Equinety and we win. My daughter’s barrel horse is 20 and we started her on Equinety. I firmly believe that even at 20 she can still run just like she did at 13 when we got her!”

Jaimey Irwin

“I’ve been using Equinety for four years, and I love the product. We have all of our competition horses on it, and when I have horses come in who are tight or tense through their muscles, I feel it keeps their muscles very supple after working. Their coats are very shiny and their feet seem very good which says to me that the horses are healthy. I would recommend putting any horse on Equinety!”

Jaimey Irwin is a Canadian Dressage athlete. Today, he also operates a full barn and client base out of Stoney Lake Equestrian in Lakefield, Ontario alongside his wife, Canadian athlete Tina Irwin. Team Irwin focuses on German classical dressage training, lessons, clinics and sales, as well as specializes in a junior/young rider development program. The husband-wife duo work with Canadian Olympic Bronze Medalist Evi Pracht, and have many clients who follow the pair to Wellington, Florida during the winter season to compete and train.

Charleston native Elizabeth Welch is passionate about the South Carolina horse show community. She owns and operates Hunter Bay Stables, LLC, a hunter-jumper training facility based out of Summerville, South Carolina. As a rider herself, Elizabeth is a local champion in the green hunter divisions and USHJA hunter derbies on her Oldenburg gelding Waylon.

Elizabeth Welch

“I have a mare with IR that recently developed laminitis. The results after I started her on Equinety are quite remarkable! Adding Equinety was the only thing new that was added to her care regimen. She has always been flat footed and had thin soles. My farrier and wet are also quite impressed. I am quite pleased and would definitely recommend it!”

Gilad Susman

We love the Equinety products! A supplement that really works for your horses and actually shows results fast.

Gilad Susman is an Israeli reining athlete and he currently operates Susman Reining Horses, a unique horse training program that offers horse training, sales, boarding and lessons for horses in Lexington, North Carolina. In 2017 Susman won the back to back FEI CRI1* classes in Logan Township, New Jersey aboard his 12-year-old mare Cant Do Whiz Out.

Micah Deligdish is a professional Grand Prix rider and trainer who represents Israel in international dressage competition. As a USDF bronze, silver and gold medalist, Deligdish bases her training operation, Gemini Dressage, year round in Wellington, Florida. In 2019, she successfully debuted Santos, a 2008 Westphalian gelding she trained up the levels, in CDI small tour competition. With her Grand Prix mount, Destiny, Deligdish qualified and competed at the prestigious 2019 FEI European Championships in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and has her eyes set on on future FEI World Cup Finals and Olympic Games.

Micah Deligdish

“I was originally introduced to Equinety a few years ago when I purchased a horse who was on Equinety Horse XL. I saw how shiny his coat was, how well he maintained his weight, and how well he recovered after training sessions. Since discovering Equinety I have incorporated it into the routine of my other horses. Equinety gives back important nutrients that the horses lose when they are training which really helps them recover and feel great the next day. They look healthier and they are very happy in their work. I am proud to represent such a high-quality company.”

Ramona Petrillo

“Adding Equinety to Magna Wave helps the horse feel better all over since Equinety helps horses at a cellular level as well. On both of my horses and my client’s horses that use Equinety, I’ve noticed that every time I go out to Magna Wave them, I’m picking up less sore, less tight, less reactive areas. That tells me that these horses are feeling fabulous. In one horse, a 16-year-old gelding who competes in upper-level three-day eventing, we’ve noticed that his topline is just blossoming. He’s getting all new, correct muscle through the top of his neck and over his back because he now has the proper amino acids. These upper-level horses that exert a lot of energy need the extra amino acids that might not already be found in their diets in order to help support the protein synthesis to build muscle.”

Ramona Petrillo is an ER nurse and Magna Wave practitioner who competes in dressage, eventing, and show jumping. Petrillo aims to improve the lives of her clients and their horses by combining the healing powers of electromagnetic technology with the all-natural amino acids found in Equinety. As a competitor she has most recently been focusing on eventing competing in Ocala, Florida in the fall and winter seasons placing in the top ten of numerous horse trials.

Lisa Murray is a world barrel racing champion based in Loxahatchee, Florida. In 2018, she won the NBHA Senior 2D Championship with Split Curl Brown.

Lisa Murray

“After I started my horse on Equinety’s Horse XL, I noticed a significant difference with his recovery time and his coat looks much shinier. I really believe that his muscle growth, recovery time, the shine and luster of his coat, and his overall well-being have been enhanced by Equinety.”

Josie Montgomery 

“I compete with three horses, and for two of my horses, Shotgun who is 27 and Pete who is 25, Equinety has been a big part of their success. It has made a big difference in their health and well-being. We bought my third horse, Bolt, at the end of 2019, and he’s been on Equinety since then. We can definitely see a difference in his recovery and his hooves for the better.”

At just 7 years old, Josie Montgomery is already a seasoned competitor. She is from Beech Bluff, Tennessee and has been riding since she was just 3 years old. In 2018, she won three CCEA End of the Year Championships in Youth Halter, Children’s Pole Bending, and 3D Pole. In 2019, she not only won a saddle and a buckle, but was the West TN Lil Wranglers End of the Year Champion Barrel Racer and an All American Champion of Champions Finalist out of over 800 entries.

Hailing from in New Hyde Park, N.Y., Jason Lacertosa is now a Florida barrel racer and trainer. He barrel raced throughout high school and was awarded an athletic scholarship to Dowling College where he captained the equestrian team. Since graduating, he has won the 5D Open Division at the district level in 2014 and the 4D Open Division at district level and seventh in the Open World. He currently teaches elementary school and trains barrel racing students out of Star JL Ranch, where riders have been Florida NBHA World Championship Finals Qualifier

Jason Lacertosa

“I have been using Equinety for quite some time now, and I can see a huge difference in my horses’ performance! I am proud to be a part of Team Equinety!”

Noni Hartvikson

“Equinety’s Horse XL is really helping Onyx. His coat is glowing and he feels healthier than he’s ever been. He is developing the correct musculature for dressage and his hooves are in way better condition. He was always losing shoes before but not any longer! We just finished a Paralympic qualifier [in Wellington], and he was the top scoring Canadian horse.”

Winona Hartvikson is an FEI world-ranked Para Dressage athlete for Canada. In 2012 she was elected president of Dressage British Columbia (BC) in Canada, and has also worked as a judge for Dressage Canada. In March 2017 she was named Dressage Volunteer of the Month by Horse Council BC. She is currently aiming to qualify for the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

Rachel Senft is an American barrel racer who competes successfully at the local, state, and national level. She is a current APHA member as well as a former member of AQHA and SEBRA. She has multiple IBRA National Finals under her belt, and has qualified for NBHA World several times. When she is not rodeoing, Senft is a full time orthopedic surgeon and gives lessons to 4H and Youth Rodeo students.

Rachel Senft

“A friend of mine told me about Equinety and how it had helped her horses. My horse is older, and he lost a lot of muscle tone. I ordered a 30-day supply of the Equinety and within just two weeks he looked like a different horse. His hair and coat looked better, he was more filled in on the topline, he had brighter eyes, and he just all around looked a lot better. That was two years ago. He was 15 or 16 years old when I started him on it, and he is still one of my primary barrel racing horses.”

Bella Kiley

“We first purchased Equinety about a year and a half ago and we saw results after only one month. My older mare had urinary incontinence, but Equinety helped her with that. My other horse came to us with some allergy rashes around her face and all over her body, and Equinety has completely gotten rid of all of her rashes.”

Bella Kiley is a young American barrel racer. She began riding at age 5 and rodeoing at age 7. This year, she looks forward to competing at the Good Times Barrel Racing Association’s (GTBRA) Good Times Equinety Race in Perry, Georgia. Eventually, Kiley wants to become a professional barrel racer and trainer.

Alyssa Sloan hails from Spring Hill, Florida and is already a seasoned barrel racer at just 12 years old. She started racing barrels after watching her mother, Tarra Sloan, run her own horse. Alyssa already has many wins under her belt, including claiming the NBHA Youth World 5D championship and 1D reserve championship in her district in 2018.

Alyssa Sloan

“I have to say Equinety is a miracle to me. I have had four horses on it and I have seen a huge difference with every one of them. Within just two weeks I have seen my hot horses calm down so much. He is hot during workouts and never able to work near a barrel during practice without getting amped up. He is going in the gate on his own and calm. They workout in the arena now and he looks like a collected, calm cow pony. It’s unbelievable. Another horse I put on for arthritis and back hocks. He has never looked so fluid, sound and relaxed.

Our rodeo hopeful powerhouse has been driving us crazy trying to figure out what was even wrong with her for a long time. She would bounce all over and even rear to a dangerous point when asked to elevate the level of workout. She was checked from head to toe with no explanation. Equinety was really a last ditch prayer and it worked! She has been so calm and working like a cow pony and finally back working barrels. Equinety has been a life saver for us and my horses have never felt and looked better! Do not let your horses miss out on this! Thank you Equinety.”

Denielle Gallagher

“Since I have started using Equinety Horse XL on multiple horses, I’ve noticed changes in all of them. I am always running my own trials and once I find something that works I stick with it for life! Equinety has not only made the coats of my horses shine like mirrors, I’ve also found a more focussed mind and a physical endurance which is much needed in dressage. My husband, [Bertrand Le Griffon], owns show jumping horses, and he has noticed the same amazing changes. I would recommend Equinety to anyone who is looking to help their horse be the best athlete it can be!”

Denielle Gallagher is a Canadian Dressage rider and USDF bronze, silver, and gold medalist. With multiple wins at the national and CDI levels, she was short-listed for the Canadian Olympic Team and the Pan American Games Team. She also operates Brilliance Stables, a quality show barn providing full service boarding, training, and sales.

Marne is an American barrel racer from Hazel, Kentucky. In 2010, she won the $100,000 slot race. Together with her husband, Bob Loosenort, she founded Plenty Tiny Ranch which offers training, farrier services, and a sale horse program. She is a top ten trainer alongside names such as Lisa Lockhearten, Brittany Posey, and Cassy Mowery, and currently averages $100,000-$125,000 per year in winnings.

Marne Loosenort

“I have used Equinety for quite a while now, and at the time we had two of three horses that had chips – one in an ankle and two in their knees. With Equinety, the recovery time is just so much faster. Anybody that runs barrels knows that is a really big thing. We have to make sure our horses can recover and be back running as quick as we can possibly get them there.”

Bob Loosenort

“Since we at Plenty Tiny Ranch started using Equinety’s products, the recovery time on our horses has drastically reduced and our horses seem considerably more focused. Everything from recovery after hard workouts and competition in very hot weather to surgery has been drastically reduced because of Equinety’s accelerated cell regeneration! All our horses’ coats seem healthier and shinier, and hoof growth as improved too. Equinety as been a great asset to our equine partners.”

Bob Loosenort is a farrier and American tie-down roper from Hazel, Kentucky. Together with his wife, he founded Plenty Tiny Ranch which offers training, farrier services, and a sale horse program. Mr. Loosenort competes alongside his wife and has his own list of accomplishments as a rodeo rider. He was named All-around cowboy at the the Ozark Empire Pro Rodeo 2019 competing in tie-down roping, steer wrestling and team roping.

Barrel racing, record breaking, Clements, Maryland native Brandon Cullins is a highly successful young trainer with many wins under his belt. Throughout his career he has won the National Barrel Horse Association open 1D titles numerous times and has qualified for the final four Shootout Round at RFD-TV’s The American Rodeo twice consecutively. He made an unprecedented move, cleaning house at the 2017 BFA World Championship Futurity, Derby and Juvenile Futurity. He was also the trainer and rider for RR Mistakelly, the highest-earning futurity stallion in history.

Brandon Cullins

“The theory behind Equinety is what convinced me to try it. I don’t use a lot of supplements, but leveraging amino acids really made sense to me. My horses definitely look better and they feel good. They’re coats are shiny and they’ve muscled up really well. We always have trouble with soundness, but it seems like it’s been less trouble since starting my horses on Equinety. Plus my horses like it and eat it well. I had Cornerstone on it and he shined up and gained healthy weight – he felt great. For my mare, she was tying up a bunch and after everything we did we couldn’t stop it. As soon as we added the Ultimate OEC oil to her diet, she shined up, gained a bunch of healthy weight and wasn’t tying up anymore. She looked good and felt good, and that made the biggest impression on me with how great this Ultimate OEC oil is.”

Nicole Burchill

“I highly recommend Equinety! I always want my horses on their A-game come show season. I have one gelding that can get stifle issues, and after being on Equinety for one month I’ve noticed such a huge difference in his personality and his performance! My boys will definitely be on Equinety long-term.”

Nicole Burchill is a Canadian-based barrel racer. The Ottawa, Ontario native now owns and operates Norton Ridge Stables which is based out of Winchester.

Barbra Reis is a graduate of Centenary University and British Horse Society Assistant Instructor certified at Porlock Vale Equestrian Centre in Porlock, England. Reis now focuses on educating equestrians through numerous outlets, including clinics hosted at her own Brilliant Reflection Farm in Ortonville, Michigan as well as the USDF Convention and Trainer’s Conference. In her years as a professional athlete she received her USDF Bronze and Silver medals, Bronze Freestyle Bar, and multiple year-end awards for USDF All-Breeds. Most recently, Reis has been investing her time in the betterment of the equine community volunteering to train Off The Track Thoroughbreds for CANTER of Michigan, New Vocations and the Retired Racehorse Project.

Barbra Reis

“I started four of my horses on Equinety Horse XL and each with different results. Legal Majority is my FEI partner and after the first week I noticed that he had more flexibility in his muscles, seeming to warm up faster and he was more supple in his movements. The other big improvement is his coat – he has been shedding out much quicker this year and his spring coat is gorgeous! Sonnentag FGF is also on the product, and the main thing that I have noticed is his stamina and ability to be stronger in his hocks/stifles/hindquarters. He also appears to recover faster from intense workouts and not be fatigued. I would highly recommend Equinety Horse XL as a daily supplement to aid in stamina, joint and tendon health as well as a beautiful coat!”

Ashley Thompson

We love, love, love Equinety products! Their Ultimate OEC oil is a must try! We see such amazing results in days and our horses have better stamina, better coat, more focus and it helps with soundness. I have put so many horses on their products and have seen it benefit every horse!

Located in Clayton, Michigan, Ashley is a barrel racing competitor and training of all levels! With multiple 1D wins under her belt, she operates T4 Performance Horses, a popular breeding and barrel racing training business.

Karen Pavicic is a Canadian-born Croatian FEI trainer and athlete. In 2007, she was a proud member of the Canadian Silver Medal team at the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2014, she was a member of the Canadian World Equestrian Games Team in Normandy, France. In January of 2018, she began riding for Croatia to assist with the promotion of Dressage in the developing country and was a co-commentator for the FEI World Equestrian Games for FEI TV, commentating for the Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special and Grand Prix Freestyle competitions.

Karen Pavicic

“Since starting to give Equinety’s Horse XL to my high-performance dressage horses, I have noticed many positive changes. My horses’ well-being is my number one priority, and they have benefited greatly with Equinety, in particular, showing an increase in muscle mass and improved focus. I feel that they are maintaining peak performance with the use of just one product, and their hooves and coat have never looked better. I am honored to be using this extremely high quality supplement.”

Kindyl Scruggs

I’ve been using Equinety for about five years. I had a couple horses with thin soles and my vet recommended I start them on Equinety. We took X-rays and after a few months the results were amazing and their soles grew several millimeters. They weren’t sore footed at all and I was sold on the product. All my horses have been on Equinety since then. Their coats are shiny, they have minimum back soreness. The top three benefits I’ve seen using Equinety is improved hoof quality/growth, less lameness issues and the overall appearance of my horses are better. I love Equinety!

Southaven, Mississippi cowgirl, Kindyl Scruggs, knows her barrels. As the IPRA’s 2016 World Champion Barrel Racer this three-time IFR qualifier totaled over $49,000 of year end earnings in 2016 surpassing the previous record holder, Betty Roper. She joined the IPRA in 2010 and her impressive career has not slowed down since. She earned the Reserve World Champion title in 2017 and 2018 following up her last reserve title in 2015.

The Matthew family is a barrel racing family from Wynne, Arkansas  and poses a triple threat on the national barrel racing stage. All three women: Kim and her two daughters Jaylie and Taycie all compete nationally. In 2018 the whole family made it to the IFR, the first time in history that three members form the same family have qualified for the same event. Jaylie was the 2019 IPRA world barrel racing champion, in the same competition Kim placed third, and Taycie placed sixth. Taycie broke a 50 year standing arena record in 2018 at Saint-Tite, Quebec the biggest IPRA rodeo of the year and it still stands today

The Matthews Family

“It is the only supplement I ever used that I felt like we could see a difference. It feels like I have tried every supplement that was ever marketed to me. If there was an ad and I saw it I would try it, but nothing worked like Equinety works. As far as results, the recovery is the number one thing that I have seen by just keeping them feeling good and going good. No matter how hard we run them they just continue to come back and continue to look good and feel good. When I started on Equinety I was just researching an amino acid to give my barrel horses. There are a lot of supplements with amino acids on the market, but they are all pumped full of tons of sugar. Some of my horses have sugar issues and I feed all ten of my horses a low sugar feed. When I found Equinety the selling point was the fact that it wasn’t full of sugar – it was all natural.”

Natalie Huso

“I started my horses on Equinety Horse XL to target multiple systems in the body with one product! Since then, I have seen my amateur racehorse and hunter pace partner show improved hind end fluidity, improved recovery time even in the intense summer heat, nice weight and muscle gain.”

Natalie wears many different hats in the equestrian industry! Not only is she an amateur jockey, event rider, polo player, and thoroughbred re-trainer, she also enjoys fox hunting and participating in hunter-jumper shows. Outside of competing, she is an active member of the Maryland equestrian community as she sits on the board of the Maryland Combined Training Association and is the leader of the Frederick Pony Club.

Megan grew up riding horses and has been running barrels competitively since 2012. In addition to barrel racing and poles, she is enjoying her first year doing High School Rodeo and she has begun training break-away roping.

Megan Cramer

“I am a part of the International Barrel Racing Association and I first heard about Equinety because they sponsored one of the districts. One of the prizes that I earned for the end of the year was a tub of Equinety Horse XL. When I got a filly from a rescue in Oklahoma she came to me really underweight and malnourished. After 30 days using just good feed, hay and only Equinety products, she put on every bit of weight she needed and she looked amazing. I also have a palomino gelding that we were treating for originally for EPM. He had lost a lot of muscle mass kind of got in the way. After treating him for EPM, we wanted to help support his immune system. So, I put him on Equinety and within 60 days, he is big and beefed up. Equinety has helped both of my horses in numerous ways including recovery and performance.”

Michaela Isak

“When Equinety first came out I put my gelding on it and he was on it ever since. His top-line filled in so nicely and he thrived on Equinety! I recently acquired a Pinto/AQHA mare who has navicular and really thin soles. We originally tried feeding different biotin supplements, but she’s picky and refused to eat any of it. I gave her Equinety — she eats it well and it helped make her more comfortable. She used to throw shoes all the time but she holds them now much better due to improved hoof quality.

Michaela grew up riding in her local 4-H and following high school she became interested in competing on the AQHA and Paint Horse circuits.

In his spare time outside his position as a Chief Master Sergeant of the US Air Force, David Teets, Jr. enjoys competing on the rodeo circuit on his roping horses and cheering on his barrel racing wife Jenn.

David Teets, Jr.

“My roping mare Star has always struggled to maintain good health and weight throughout her entire life. We stumbled upon a 15-day trial of Equinety, which led to continued use of the product and ultimately the doorstep of this great team. We have finally found something that has eased her recoveries of hard workouts and helped maintain a healthy weight. She is a healthy 1100 pounds with stronger feet and running harder than ever. Star and I love Equinety!”

Wynter Hays

“I cannot say enough about Equinety’s products! When we started our 20-year-old horse Booker on Horse XL his coast went from dull to shiny, you could tell he was feeling so good and he recovers quickly after a race. He used to get abscessed in one hoof, but he’s never had an issue in that hoof ever since starting him on Equinety. When Equinety’s new OEC oil was released, we added that to his feed. He’s been on it for about three months and it works amazingly! We swear by it! We were shocked by the difference we’ve seen it make — he’s never coming off it.”

Wynter is a youth barrel racer with quite a few accomplishments under her belt despite her age! She was the 2019 IBRA Rookie of the Year in Naples, Florida and she won 3D Youth Buckles at the 2019 IBRA Spring Naples Wedding Barn and Fall The Ranch Series. She is a two-time voted LCJP Junior Princess and she also won the 2019 LCJP MVT Buckle.

Julie grew up in an equestrian family – her mother has an English riding background and her father did cow work and ranching. Julie took a break from riding to focus on providing opportunities for her daughter to be able to ride and compete. Now that her daughter is 18 years old, Julie has rekindled her passion for competing and is enjoying traveling to shows in the Southeast with her two top barrel racing horses. Her biggest dream is to start a youth ranch where local kids from troubled homes can have the opportunity to learn some of those same things that will get their lives going in the right direction!

Julie Breighten

Horses have always been a big part of my life. I feel like Equinety’s products really bring a balance to each of my horses. They don’t just target one particular problem – it gives great results specific to each horse’s particular needs. I’ve seen my horses dapple out in less than two weeks and I’ve seen improvements in their overall disposition. I even had one horse that went from being nervous and anxious at horse shows to now being more relaxed and focused!

The Robertson Family

“We don’t like to cut corners and we were very limited with what we could use on our horses due to racing regulations. However, a friend that I respect recommended Equinety Horse XL. Turns out, it is the only product that we used for our horses last year! Now we use it religiously on all of the horses. We are winning! It is hard not to be impressed. When we started using it, the whole package came together with our horses showing well, running great, recovering fast and feeling amazing.”

Based out of Hillsburgh, Ontario, the unstoppable family behind Hillerin Farm has made a name for themselves in the Quarter Horse racing industry over the last 50 years. Originally spearheaded by Carol and Bryn Robertson, the 100-acre operation that breeds and develops Quarter Horses has accomplished standout racing results in the past year. Most notably, their 5-year-old Quarter Horse gelding, Had to Be Ivory, has had a breakout career in the past two years, receiving the Quarter Horse of the Year award at the annual AQHA Racing Champions of 2019 two consecutive years as well as winning the 2019 Quarter Racing Owners of Ontario Horse of the Year award. A stakes winner at 2, 3 and 4-years-old, Had To Be Ivory, has won 11 of the 14 starts and has earned over $162,000. In 2020, Had To Be Ivory raced to an impressive second consecutive win in the Picov Maturity!

Youth barrel racer Reese Arble took ahold of the reins when she was only a four-year-old and she’s been unstoppable since. While running barrels is her main passion she does enjoy riding English disciplines during summer camps. In 2020, she won her first 1D Youth Buckle Series with her OTTB named Axel.

Reese Arble

“I first heard of Equinety in 2018 when we decided to start my OTTB Axel on it. He was on and off with soundness. He has very little digital cushion in his front feet and without the proper shoeing he was never 100% for more than month. He would be ok and then we’d run him and then we’d have the give him two months rest because his hooves would get bruises, abscesses, and chips. The farrier had to glue on his shoes because we couldn’t put nails in. When his feet were hurting, he didn’t feel well and didn’t eat well. When we started him on Equinety it really helped him! Not only do his feet feel better and they are so much stronger but his coat has improved and he’s developed more muscle.”

C5 Rodeo

“We are very pleased in how our stock have been looking and performing with Equinety products! We are even more excited about the potential for all of our stock for the 2021 rodeo season as we begin to incorporate Equinety into our feed program on a regular basis.”

Horse Supplements

C5 Rodeo Company Inc. was founded in 2010 by Vern McDonald and has since grown to two locations in Lac La Biche, Alberta, and Helena, MontanaWith over 150 top-quality mares and 20 stallions in our breeding program, C5 Rodeo Company is one of North America’s largest stock providers, running over 700 head of horses and 100 bucking bulls. Providing services to events at over 30 locations worldwide, C5 Rodeo Co. understands the intricacies of world-class stock services and quality production services.

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