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  • Crystal Cote-Stosz Avatar
    Crystal Cote-Stosz

    5 star rating   My horse has maintained good weight and his coat and feet look amazing! Dappled all over, very shiny and his... read more  - 10/15/2017

    Hope Streid Avatar
    Hope Streid

    5 star rating   Using it on all of my 4 horses. Great hoof grower, skin issue solution, weight management, muscle development, white bumps... read more  - 10/10/2017

    Wendy Boynton Avatar
    Wendy Boynton

    5 star rating   I have started both of my horses on Equinety and I can see improvement in their attitudes, topline and muscle... read more  - 3/06/2018

  • Michele Starling Avatar
    Michele Starling

    5 star rating   I just wish y'all sold a 30 day supply I'm just a single mom sometimes the 90 day supply is... read more  - 10/30/2017

    Joachim Temple Avatar
    Joachim Temple

    5 star rating   It has done wonders for our older roping mare & daughters aged show gelding- highly recommend  - 1/06/2018

    Elke-Jim Houser Avatar
    Elke-Jim Houser

    5 star rating   I am just finishing up my second week with this supplement. What I have noticed thus far: My 3-year old... read more  - 8/04/2017

  • Sharon Chrisco-Andersen Avatar
    Sharon Chrisco-Andersen

    3 star rating   Been using Equinety for 30 days and can see a difference in my mares coat and also think her lameness... read more  - 3/05/2018

    Rhiannon Mitchell Avatar
    Rhiannon Mitchell

    5 star rating   Awesome awesome product! I'm 7 days in on a rough mare and she looks great!  - 9/22/2017

    Stephanie Huyssen Avatar
    Stephanie Huyssen

    5 star rating   Just want to give a "shout out" to Caylee Gee (sales rep) for helping me decide to take the plunge... read more  - 11/10/2017

  • Tammy Nigh Herrera Avatar
    Tammy Nigh Herrera

    5 star rating   This is one of the best products on the market. Had a horse that was attacked buy coyotes and... read more  - 12/23/2017

    Lin Wool Avatar
    Lin Wool

    5 star rating   I purchased a 7 year old Oldenburg, Romeo, in April of 2016. He was under muscled and his feet... read more  - 3/08/2018

    Peggy L. Sand Avatar
    Peggy L. Sand

    5 star rating   I love this product and it is really helping my horses.  - 7/10/2017

  • Kim Chapman Miller Avatar
    Kim Chapman Miller

    5 star rating   I don't even know where to begin I have so much to praise this product for...It literally has changed my... read more  - 2/26/2018

    Jody Hoddy Croucher Fate Avatar
    Jody Hoddy Croucher Fate

    5 star rating   Customer service amazing ...started the 30 day Challenge will keep you posted  - 8/03/2017

    Lena Fiske Avatar
    Lena Fiske

    5 star rating   I have used Equinety for 30 days and I wish I would have had this in my horses life a... read more  - 8/27/2017

For the LOVE of your horse!

Equinety is specifically designed to enhance the life of your horse, for increasing energy, focus and endurance, strengthening your horse’s bones, collagen and muscles to improving your horses natural immune system. Equinety’s Horse XL patented formula customizes itself to your horses needs by adding 1 to 2 scoops mixed with your horses food on a daily basis.

Strength & Recovery

Equinety helps support the repair and regeneration of cells!
“…Once he started on the Equinety product I noticed a difference within two weeks.” Liz Steacie

Happy & Sound

“James is thriving, sound and happy and energetic in a great way under saddle! The only change is the Equinety and I’m letting all my buddies that have horses know they need to try this!” Angela S.

Superior Stamina

“…his workload has gotten heavier, and he is recovering well without as much soreness as he was experiencing before the supplement…” Ashley P.

What The Pro's Have To Say...

Tina Busse-Irwin & Fancy That
– Silver Medalist – Pan American Games
– 2015 Team Bronze Medalist at the Nations Cup in Wellington, Florida.
– First place in the Intermediare 1 Freestyle at the Global Dressage Festival CDI in Wellington, Florida with Fancy That.
– 2011 Pan American Games Team Silver Medalist with Winston in Guadalajara, Mexico.
“I have two of my top competition horses on the Equinety supplement and cannot believe how amazing and shiny their coats are! Fancy That and Laurencio have coats that shine from miles away. We have received many compliments on how great they look!

Both horses recover very quickly from their workouts and are in top shape physically. Equinety has helped us look our best in and out of the show ring, and has given us an edge in taking my horses fitness to the next level.”

Denielle Gallegar-Legriffon & Argo Conty Tyme
USDF Gold Freestyle Medalist
Short listed for the Canadian Olympic Team with Grand Prix horse Abrikos
Short listed for the Pan American Games Team with Argo Conty Tyme
USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist
USDF Gold Freestyle Medalist
Multiple wins – National and CDI Levels
Silver Medal Team in the Sydney Australia Invitational
“Since I have started using Equinety Horse XL on multiple horses, I’ve noticed changes in all of them. I am always running my own trials and once I find something that works I stick with it for life! Equinety has not only made the coat’s of my horses like mirrors, I’ve also found a more focussed mind and a physical endurance which is much needed in Dressage. My husband has Jumpers and has noticed the same amazing changes. I would recommend Equinety to anyone who is looking to help their horse be the best athlete it can be!”
Karen Pavicic
FEI Trainer and Competitor Equine
FEI Trainer and Competitor Equine
Canada High Performance Dressage Coach World FEI Individually Ranked
Dressage Rider
Member of Canadian Dressage Team for the World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France
Dressage Canada Board Member and Co-Chair of Athlete’s Council
“Since starting to give Equinety’s Horse XL to my high performance dressage horses, I have noticed many positive changes. My horses well-being is my number one priority, and they have benefited greatly with Equinety, in particular, showing an increase in muscle mass and improved focus. I feel that they are maintaining peak performance with the use of just one product, and their hooves and coat have never looked better. I am honoured to be using this extremely high quality supplement.”

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Equinety Horse XL is an all natural amino acid stack formula specifically designed to enhance the life of your horse. Faster recovery and stamina, more focused, soft tissue repair as well as strengthening your horse’s bones, collagen and muscles to improving your horses natural immune system. Equinety helps the body to heal from the inside out! 100% Safe and Non-Testable!
EquinetyTuesday, March 20th, 2018 at 8:39am
Selfie game, level expert.
EquinetyTuesday, March 20th, 2018 at 1:01am
Just keep swimming!
EquinetyMonday, March 19th, 2018 at 5:42am
SF Equine
Who put that jump in the way???!!! #securelowerleg #babypony #sfequine
EquinetySunday, March 18th, 2018 at 5:41am
This horse knows where his feet are!
Horse Spirit
Would you try this?? 😲😮 Video by Mark H Bolender
EquinetySaturday, March 17th, 2018 at 9:10am
I see you!
EquinetySaturday, March 17th, 2018 at 1:42am
Working moms get r done! #teamequinety

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