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Dr. Zach Bruggen DVM

“I have been using Equinety for close to 1 year. I have been blown away with the continued constant results this supplement provides for all the horses on it. With being a horse owner myself I always try new supplements on my horses to evaluate their response. With Equinety ALL of my horses have maintained appropriate body condition and they have a shine to their coat that is undeniable. I have noticed behavioral changes in my horses that are more on edge, improved hoof integrity and growth as well as mane and tail growth. The horses are staying athletically fit and performing well.”

“With the clinical improvement I saw in my horses I had the confidence to start carrying Equinety on my vet truck to dispense to clients. Equinety continues to validate its powerful formulation for all the clients that incorporate it into their horse’s feeding program. Horses that have had issues maintaining appropriate weight or don’t have access to the best nutrition, Equinety helps fill those voids and improves the physical and physiologic health of the horse. My clients and I love the affordability of the product as well as its ease of use. Most supplements you find on the market require a loading dose for 1-2 months which increases your cost for the supplement. Equinety has no loading dose and is a simple 1 scoop on the feed once a day.

I feel that most supplements we feed our horses trend in and trend out of use. I know that Equinety will always be in my barn and vet truck because of its powerful formulation, affordability and the continued incredible results.”

Dr. Zach Bruggen DVM
Ward, Arkansas

Dr. Karin Olsen DVM

“My OTTB has multiple issues. 1) Major!!! anxiety 2) fused fetlock and associated musculoskeletal issues 3) gastric ulcers (probably from both 1 and 2!). He was previously on Platinum CJ, previcoxx, and a probiotic (either Platinum Balance or a Standard Process Gastric Support).”

“Since using Equinity, here is what I have noticed.

1) His mood is much more placid. He is less likely to get anxious and when he does get worked up it is much easier to control him and bring him back into focus. We recently went on a 14 mile trail ride, when back in August it was a struggle to get him off property at all.  

2) His gastric ulcers have been less problematic. Though I have not scoped him since Equinety to formally document a change, his reaction to the acupuncture points that related to gastric ulcers is much reduced (from a 10/10 to a 1-2/10). He is much less girthy, and he no longer grits his teeth (a bad habit of his when he got saddled and girthed, probably from discomfort. He also did this when he got anxious).

3) Though he will always have a fused fetlock, I think his pain is markedly reduced. I ran out of the CJ 3 weeks ago and decided to see how he did on Equinety alone. I have not noticed an increase in his pain or lameness despite stopping the CJ. In addition he tended to frequently hold up that limb or place it ahead of him. Though he may do that occasionally now, it is much reduced. In addition, the distal limb is much tighter and there is no longer any appreciable tendon sheath effusion, which he used to have consistently. In fact, in the before picture, I’m pretty sure I had it wrapped with a poultice pad.  

I highly recommend adding Equinety to bring out the best in your horse!

Thanks so much.”

Dr. Karin Olsen DVM
Gillett PA 16925

Equinety’s Veterinarian Listing

Dr. Cal Davis DVM
Reata Equine Hospital
6516 Granbury Hwy
Weatherford TX 76087

Dr. Leah Patipa
Paddock Equine Veterinary Services
Wellington, FL 33414
(561) 336-5650

Dr. Sabrina Jacobs, DVM
Performance Equine Vets
Aiken SC 29801

Dr. Amy Youngblood
Southern Indiana Equine Inc
2943 N Slab Road
Austin IN 47102-8509

Dr. Deborah Goldby
Spruce Creek Animal Clinic
Port Orange FL 32128

Dr. Jeanie Presler DVM
Chasing Tails Mobile Veterinary
Nokomis FL 34275

Dr. Jana Echols, DVM
Perfect Balance Equine Dentistry and Veterinary Services
Phoenix AZ 85053

Park Equine Hospital
Versailles KY 40383

Dr. Robbie McLeod DVM
Cherokee Animal Care Clinic
Whittier NC 28789

Dr. Frederick C Shiery DVM
Shiery Animal Clinic Inc
327 E Bell St
Camden MI 49232

Marden Animal Clinic
7505 Dilly Shaw Tap
Bryan TX 77808
(979) 589-2500

High Plains Vet Clinic
J J Hovde DVM
1050 10th Avenue Southeast
Sidney MT 59270

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