8 Amino Acids = Promote Cellular Repair

No Fillers, No Sugars, No Starches, No Soy, No Loading Dose
Each 600g Equinety Horse XL container has 100 Servings

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8 Amino Acids = Promote Cellular Repair

No Fillers, No Sugars, No Starches, No Soy, No Loading Dose
Each 600g Equinety Horse XL container has 100 Servings

We’re excited to be bringing one of THE most unique horse supplement products to the market! Equinety Horse XL! Launched in 2015, it’s a lot of attention from some of the best riders in the horse industry!

Equinety Horse XL is made up of 100% pure amino acids and has no fillers, no sugars, no starches and there’s no loading dose…it WILL NOT TEST as amino acids are the building blocks of protein AND it’s manufactured right here in the U.S.A.!

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Q: WHY is Equinety Horse XL unique?
The amino acids in Equinety Horse XL are specifically formulated to stimulate the pituitary gland, (the master gland in the body), and this is what releases the necessary hormones that help the body repair at a cellular level. This is why it can help in so many ways! The dose you give your horse is the same for a tiny mini or a draft horse since the pituitary gland is roughly the same size in mammals, about the size of a pea. So, the dose has nothing to do with the weight of the horse, it has to do with the size of the pituitary gland. (1 dose is 5.2g – a rounded teaspoon)

A: If you have a horse with a joint issue… what are your possible solutions to help? Well, there aren’t many… injections and/or joint supplements.

If you have a horse with hoof issues… what are your possible solutions? Hoof supplements and a GREAT farrier. The issue with this is, you could have the greatest farrier in the world standing in front of your horse, but if there isn’t anything to work with, the farrier is very limited, and that’s putting it mildly.

What if you have a horse with a poor Top-line, Gut issues, Stressed, not Focused, Laminitis, Founder, Allergies, Dull Coat, Mane and Tail won’t grow, Sore, Cracked Hooves, Thin Soles, Torn Muscle – Ligament or Tendon or a Bone Fracture, Mystery Lameness, Senior horse, Rescue, Pregnant Mare, Struggling foal, arthritis, etc etc etc? The vast majority of these cases the horse owner was working very closely with their Veterinarian / Farrier and were still having issues.

If you’re struggling with any of these things and have tried just about everything else and the results you’re looking for have fallen short…. Equinety Horse XL might just be the missing puzzle piece you’ve been looking for!

This has been the scenario in thousands of other cases and is one of the main reasons we have a weekly Equinety Podcast. There were SO many customers calling and emailing in to share their stories of how this product helped their horse when in so many instances they had tried everything else they knew to try. SO, we started a weekly Equinety Podcast to capture these stories so others could hear all the great things happening just by adding the Equinety Horse XL!

There are no negative side effects when using Equinety Horse XL. As a matter of fact, we recommend not changing anything you’re giving to your horse and just add the Equinety Horse XL to your horse’s feed. Then over the next couple of weeks to 30 days, you should see enough of a noticeable change to then decide whether to reduce and/or stop giving other things you don’t believe are working to your expectations.



Click on each amino acid to learn about the benefits of each!



L-lysine is an important and indispensable component of proteins. It plays a role in the production of carnitine and collagen. Its benefits include:

  • Promoting normal growth and development by increasing collagen formation
  • Supporting the production of other proteins like enzymes, antibodies and hormones
  • Promoting bone health by increasing calcium absorption and preventing weak bones
  • Helping convert fatty acids to energy and therefore reducing your horse’s unnecessary fat
  • Improving your horse’s coat via increased collagen formation
  • Helping to build muscle when taken with other amino acids like arginine


Arginine, also known as L-arginine, is involved in a number of different functions in a horse’s body. They include:

  • Wound healing
  • Helping the kidneys remove waste products from the body
  • Maintaining immune and hormone function
  • As a natural dietary supplement, arginine has garnered particular attention for its possible heart benefits.


Ornithine is an amino acid produced in the urea cycle by the splitting off of urea from arginine. Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, which dilates the blood vessels and gives your horse an aditional boost when it requires extra blood in its tissues. Additional benefits include:

  • Helping your horse’s muscle cells produce creatine, a compound that muscles need in order to contract.
  • Promoting physical strength and endurance.
  • Lessening exercise induced fatigue.
  • Promoting more efficient energy usage by cells.


Glycine is one of the amino acids necessary for the biosynthesis of creatine. Creatine provides muscles with a direct energy source and helps to build muscle tissue and strength.

Glycine is an amino acid that will increase the muscle mass and overall performance of your horse. It also prevents muscle degeneration and decreases muscle repair time.



Leucine is an essential amino acid. It must be obtained through the diet in adequate quantities to meet your horse’s needs. L-leucine is obtained by the hydrolysis of protein by pancreatic enzymes during digestion and necessary for optimal growth especially in foals and for the maintenance of nitrogen balance in full-grown horses. Some of the benefits are:

  • It is a building block of protein, and the key essential amino acid of muscle metabolism.
  • It plays a unique regulatory role in muscle metabolism.
  • Controls glycemic regulations.
  • Participates in energy production in cell mitochondria (power production organs within the cell) for muscular contraction.
  • Is a key factor leading to the stimulation of cellular processes for protein synthesis in muscle.
  • During times of starvation, infection, or recovery from trauma and surgery, the body mobilizes leucine as a source for gluconeogenesis to aid in the healing process.


Isoleucine is an amino acid that is best known for its ability to increase endurance and help heal and repair muscle tissue and encourage clotting at the site of injury. Other benefits include:

  • Primary function is to boost energy and help your horse’s body recover from strenuous activity.
  • Promote muscle recovery after exercise.
  • Keeps energy levels stable by helping to regulate blood sugar.
  • It is an essential acid that horses cannot manufacture in the body and must be obtained through dietary sources.


Valine is an essential amino acid that is crucial for maintaining proper cell and organ functioning. It is particularly important for liver function, as well as balancing nitrogen levels in the your horse’s body. Other benefits include:

  • Valuable for cognitive, immune and nervous system functioning.
  • Promotes muscle growth and repair.
  • Maintains blood sugar levels.
  • Improves cognitive functioning.
  • Helps decrease stress and sleeplessness.


Glutamine plays key roles in protein metabolism, increasing cell volume and anti-catabolism. It also helps metabolize body fat and support new muscle growth.

  • Glutamine has been linked to protein synthesis. It prevents muscle from being catabolized (diminished) in order to provide glutamine to other cells in the horse’s body.
  • Glutamine helps maintain cell volume and hydration
  • Glutamine boosts the immune system. For physically active horses, this is important since heavy workouts tend to greatly deplete Glutamine levels.
  • Glutamine is a primary energy source for the immune system.

How does Equinety Horse XL work inside the body?

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The amino acids in Equinety Horse XL target the pituitary gland to release the necessary hormones that give the body what it needs to help promote cellular repair! Equinety Ultimate OEC gives these repaired cells nutrition to help them operate at optimal levels as well as promote the reduction of inflammation!

For OPTIMAL results, add the NEW Equinety Ultimate OEC!

The Equinety Ultimate OEC a Flaxseed based Omega-3, Natural Vitamin E & Colloidal Silver all in one, which makes for a VERY powerful antioxidant, neutralizes free radicals and reduces inflammation. Colloildal Silver helps to fight bacterial and viral infections in horses, helps with gastric ulcers, tying up, as well as helps give the repaired cells (from Equinety Horse XL) some much needed nutrition!
(The Vitamin E in Equinety Ultimate OEC is 100% natural: d-alpha-tocopherol)

These two Equinety Products make for a solid supplement
foundation for any horse at any stage of life no matter what their job is!


The Equinety System

Equinety Horse XL + Equinety Ultimate OEC

Simple, Streamlined, Cost Effective


Equinety Products
Helping Horses Worldwide

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Q: What about using Equinety Horse XL on Performance Horses or Working Horses?

A: Great question! The benefits of using Equinety Horse XL on Performance/Working horses are soft tissue repair, faster recovery, more stamina, better focus and less stress. The amino acids in Equinety Horse XL are stimulating the pituitary gland to release the necessary hormones that help repair at a cellular level and this is why it’s helping with the soft tissue repair and then translates into faster recovery, more stamina, better focus etc etc. They also are less stressed which helps when hauling.

Q: Should I give my horse 1 or 2 scoops of Equinety Horse XL?

A: 1 scoop per day is perfectly OK for your horse. With that said, if your horse is recovering from an injury / surgery OR if you have a performance horse… 1 scoop in the am and 1 scoop in the pm will help promote faster recovery. The science behind this is, when the pituitary gland is stimulated, it releases the necessary hormones that help promote repair at a cellular level. The hormones that are released have a 23.5 hour life cycle… so when you give a scoop in the am and then give another one 24 hours later, the hormones that were initially released are now back to the normal levels they would normally be at for that age of horse.

Giving 2 scoops per day: If you give 1 scoop in the am and 1 scoop in the pm, the hormones levels stay elevated and this is why it’s helping to promote faster healing!

Equinety Horse XL is also 100% safe for pregnant mares to senior/pasture ornaments, rescues, performance/working horses and everything in between!

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