Jordon Briggs Joins Team Equinety to Enhance Performance at Briggs Performance Horses

Jordon Briggs, 2021 world champion barrel racer has teamed up with Equinety. The products Equinety has on the market includes the industry’s top amino acid supplement to elevate the health of her and husband Justin’s top-tier barrel and rope horse training program at Briggs Performance Horses. 


“I put two of my poorest looking horses on it just a few weeks ago,” Jordon said. “They’re shinier, putting on weight and already looking so much better. I thought ‘If it can do that for them, it can truly help all of my horses.”  


The long-term partnership means the horses at Briggs Performance Horses—from broodmares to prospects in training to aged horses expected to compete at the highest levels—will benefit from an Equinety Horse XL and Equinety Ultimate OEC regimen. Equinety Horse XL’s eight amino acids promote cellular repair, improving muscle strength and recovery and maximizing performance through cellular regeneration. Equinety Ultimate OEC will improve the cardiovascular and gastric health of the horses in the Briggs’ program, increasing immune function and improving hair and coat health.


That means Jordon is entrusting two-time WPRA AQHA Horse of the Year, Famous Lil Jet, “Rollo,” to Equinety XL and Equinety OEC as well. Briggs and Rollo are sitting No. 1 in the WPRA world standings with $87,894.72 on the year, and she says that Equinety came at the perfect time to help her reach No. 1 early in the season.


“I started Rollo on both Equinety products after (Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo),” Briggs said. “Soon after, he won three rounds at San Antonio (Stock Show & Rodeo), ran the fastest time at The American Rodeo, Won RodeoHouston, did great at Austin—I swear it helped him recover and stay fit in between runs, where he used to almost get a hay belly on his off days. He’s had a ton of energy, he looks great, I’m really impressed with Equinety.”  


Equinety—long a sponsor of Olympic dressage riders and jumpers—has made a new commitment to the Western industry in the last few years. Team Equinety recently signed Cheyenne Wimberley, Amanda Welsh, Melissa Brandt, Stephanie Fryar, Marne Loosenort and other top barrel racing athletes. Equinety also supports barrel racing events across the country, livestream coverage of barrel races, the NFR and ProRodeo coverage, helping to expand the sport on all fronts.  


“Jordon Briggs has built a program that raises the bar in barrel racing,” Equinety President, John Dowdy said. “She has an eye for great horsepower and knows the value of the great horses she has trained and competes on. It’s all about consistency, hard work, and a business attitude with the Briggs—they demand the best for their horses and program. I’m confident we can provide the necessary support to help Jordon and Rollo continue to reach even greater heights of excellence.” 



About Equinety: Equinety Horse XL is an all-natural amino acid supplement that targets the pituitary gland to release the necessary hormones that give the body what it needs to help promote cellular repair. Equinety Ultimate OEC gives these repaired cells nutrition to help operate at optimal levels as well as promotes the reduction of inflammation. For more information, visit 


About Jordon Briggs: Briggs is a three-time qualifier to the National Finals Rodeo and 2021 WPRA World Champion, going down in history books with her mom, Kristie Peterson as the first mother-daughter duo to win gold buckles. Jordon took time off from ProRodeo in between her 2009 and 2021 NFR qualifications to pursue her passion of training barrel horses and building up her breeding program with husband, Justin, at Briggs Performance Horses. During that time, she won multiple Barrel Futurities of America Championships and countless other futurity wins. Briggs is known for her ability to train consistent and solid horses not only for herself, but for riders at all levels of competition.  

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