Digestive Supplements for Horses (2023)

Digestive issues are common in horses. If you own a horse, you should be aware of these issues related to their digestive system. Digestive diseases have a significant impact on the overall health of Equine.

Parasites, gastric ulcer syndrome, and colic are common diseases affecting horses’ digestive systems. Pinworms, threadworms, bots, strongyles, tapeworms, and ascarids are common internal parasites that can infect horses’ digestive systems. A large amount of gastric acid is produced in horses’ stomachs, which may lead to gastric ulcers. The reason behind it is inappropriate to feed and environmental and physical stress. Colic is abdominal pain that can affect the digestive system of horses badly. Infections and inflammation are common causes of colic in horses.

Digestive supplements are given to horses so their digestive system remains healthy, and they can perform better. Improved quality and quantity of hay are also beneficial to avoid digestive problems.

Improve Digestion of Your Horse:

It is not a difficult task to improve your horse’s Digestion because you just have to follow these basic rules to keep the digestive system of your Equine healthy.

1. High-Quality Forage:

Supply of high-quality forage to your Equine is the best way of improving its Digestion because it will neutralize the production of acid in the horse’s stomach. Hay or pasture grass helps improve the horse’s digestion system because they contain large amounts of insoluble fiber.

2. Decrease Grain Consumption:

Grains are high in starch, so limit the grain consumption of your Equine as they can lead to digestive diseases like colic, digestive upset, and diarrhea. Grain consumption can also be the reason for inflammation. Grains are easily chewable, so the horse’s digestive system starts producing acid in the stomach that cannot neutralize, resulting in different digestion issues.

3. Gradual Changes in Feed:

A horse’s digestive system does not accept rapid changes in the feed. We to gradually change its feed because it will decrease the risk of colic due to digestive upset. A horse’s digestive system requires time to adapt to the changes in feed.

4. Provide a Stress-Free Environment:

Horses are emotionally attached to their environment, so that stress can cause digestive difficulties. It can lead to ulcers and other digestive diseases in horses. So we strongly advise providing a stress-free natural environment to your Equine to improve their Digestion.

5. Frequent Feeding:

Wild horses rarely suffer from digestive diseases because they spend most of their time grazing and foraging. The digestive system of horses needs frequent feeding. Otherwise, their stomach starts producing acid that can neutralize only with the help of feed. Most of the time, provide plenty of hay and pasture grass to improve horses’ Digestion.

Benefits of Equine Digestion Support:

You can ensure equine digestion support with the help of using a natural supplement. Digestive supplements are the best way to improve the Digestion of horses because they contain the necessary amount of fiber, protein, minerals, and vitamins. Digestive supplements help horses prevent ulcers, colic, and other Digestion-related diseases. You should add a natural supplement in the feed of the horse for improvement in Digestion and overall health of the horse.

Best Digestive Supplements for Horses:

It is essential to choose the best digestive supplement for horses because they not only improve digestion and nutrient absorption but are also beneficial for horses’ comfort, performance, and immune system. You can use the following digestive supplements for your Equine.

Equinety Horse XL is a natural product that supports horses’ digestive systems and overall health. It contains 100% natural amino acids that move into the intestines of horses and buffer the stomach acid. Horses cannot create amino acids independently, so providing them to your Equine is essential.

This product does not contain sugar, soy, or starches, so the digestive system of your Equine will remain healthy and effective. It will not help improve the Digestion of Equine, but its performance will also maximize cell regeneration. This product comes in a 600g container and is also very economical.

Equinety Ultimate OEC is another beneficial product that supports the gastric health of Equine. It boosts the horse’s immune system and enables it to digest food easily. It contains omega-3 fatty acids in it that are helpful in neutralizing stomach acid and prevents from stomach ulcers. This product includes Colloidal silver and vitamin E that will support the digestive health of Equine.

You can combine Equinety Horse XL and Equinety Ultimate OEC to make a powerful natural supplement for your Equine. It will help overcome many digestion problems and support the horse’s overall health. Both products contain natural ingredients, so adding them to the horse’s feed will maximize your horse’s performance. It is also cost-effective formula, which is why it is the best natural supplement for Equine.

Symptoms of poor Horse Digestion:

The following are the significant symptoms of poor horse digestion.

  • Gastric ulcers
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Abdominal sensitivity
  • Colic
  • Poor coat or skin quality
  • Bad hoof growth
  • Reduction in weight of Equine or poor body condition
  • Intolerance to exercise
  • Poor appetite
  • Sweating
  • Increased breath rate
  • Stomach kicking and irritation
  • Pawing on the ground
  • Lip curling
Causes of Equine's Poor Digestion:

It is imperative to know about the causes of Equine’s poor Digestion. You can boost the digestion system of your horse after knowing about the causes. The following are the leading causes of poor Digestion in Equines.

  • Bad Quality Feed:

Providing substandard or bad quality hay to your Equine will not digest easily, and the horse’s stomach will suffer badly. Feeding high starch grains or rapid change in Equine’s feed is also contributing to poor Digestion of Equine.

  • Fasting:

A horse’s digestive system requires frequent feeding. If the stomach of your Equine remains empty for much time, it will start producing acid that can only buffer with the help of feed. Fasting is another cause of poor Digestion in Equines.

  • Stress:

Horses are too attached to their environment. If they live in a stressed environment, they cannot fulfill their nutrition requirements properly. It will result in a poor digestive system and other health-related issues.

  • Exercise:

Too much exercise and rest are dangerous for the horse’s digestive system because they have to digest their feed correctly with the help of moderate exercise. Too much exercise will create a stressful environment for them, leading to digestion problems.

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Digestive health is essential for Equine because their body requires frequent feeding to perform different tasks. You must provide the best quality feed to your Equine to support their digestive health.

Natural digestive supplements are the best way to ensure improved Digestion of the Equine. So you can go for Equinety Horse XL and Equinety Ultimate OEC to make the best natural supplement for your Equine. This supplement will ensure the proper functioning of the horse’s digestive system and maximize the Equine’s performance by improving its overall health.


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