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Best Gut Health & Digestive Supplement for Horses (Natural Diet)

Gut health is essential for the performance and health of horses. It improves the equine’s digestive system and improves its overall well-being. Horses must perform different daily tasks, including exercise and work, so they must have sound gut health and digestive system.

Gut health and digestive supplements are ideal for horses because they improve the gastric system and keep their digestive system active and strong. The digestive system of the equine is on the foregut and hindgut. Gut health and digestive supplements help a horse keep their weight at an ideal level, boost their immune system, protect them from different diseases, and benefit nutrient absorption.

Best Natural Horse Feed for Gut Health:

Diet plays a vital role in improving gut health so you can provide the best natural feed to your horse that contains low starch and high fiber. Following are a few best natural feeds for horses that will stable and improve their gut health.

1. Alfalfa Cubes:

One of the best natural feeds for equines is alfalfa cubes because they boost the overall protein quality of their diet and contain sufficient fiber. Alfalfa cubes also improve the digestion in horses and keep them healthy and efficient.

2. Flaxseed:

Flaxseed is also suitable for the gastrointestinal function of horses as they contain soluble and insoluble fiber. It will help in reducing constipation in horses and improves intestinal health. If your horse is facing inflammation issues, then flaxseed will also help in the reduction of it.

3. Kelp:

Kelp is another natural equine feed that promotes a healthy gut microbiome as it contains prebiotics. If your equine is facing gastric ulcers, it will improve the production of compounds necessary to protect the stomach lining.

4. High-Quality Hay:

Good quality hay is the best feed for horses because it promotes digestion and provides nutrients. Horses have to feed for up to 16 hours a day, and including good quality hay in their feed will satisfy their appetite without containing excessive protein and calories.

5. Mint Leaves:

Mint leaves have a calming effect on the gastrointestinal tract and can tackle indigestion problems in horses. These mint leaves contain limonene, menthone, and menthol, essential oils for upset stomachs that improve their digestion system.

How to Improve the Gut Health of Your Horse?

Keeping your horse’s gut health at an ideal level is relatively easy. You must follow a few basic rules to keep the horse’s digestive system healthy and effective.

1. Frequent Feeding:

In a natural environment, horses spend most of their time grazing because their body requires up to 16 hours of feeding daily. Frequent feeding is also beneficial in buffering acids in the horse’s stomach.

2. Feed Little:

A horse’s stomach is relatively small, so it cannot accommodate large meals; that is why you should feed your horse in small quantities to keep its digestive system effective, and it will also help keep its gut health at the best level.

3. Free Access to Water:

Dehydration is much dangerous for the gut health of equine because two-thirds of a horse’s body weight is water. Free access to fresh water will help properly function horses’ digestive systems.

4. Inclusion of Fiber in Diet:

Fiber is essential to keep the horse’s gut full and healthy, so provide such feed to your horse enriched in fiber. It will also help in proper digestion and reduce constipation issues.

5. Gut Health Supplements:

Supplements that support the digestive system and gut health of equine are the best way of improving the gut health of equine. You should add a natural supplement to your horse’s diet to keep its gut system strong.

How do you know if your Horse has Gut Health Problems?

If your horse is facing gut health issues, you should not ignore its symptoms because early diagnosis and treatment are essential for keeping the digestive system of your equine healthy.

Diarrhea, loss of appetite, dehydration, bleeding, constipation, weight loss, protein loss, and abdominal pain are common symptoms that help you understand that your equine is facing gut health issues.
Best Supplements for Equine Gut Health:

They are adding a natural gut health and digestive supplement to the feed of your equine to keep it healthy and efficient. The best supplements will ensure the equine gut health at its maximum level.

One of the best and most natural products ideal for best gut health is Equinety Horse XL because it contains all the necessary ingredients that support equine’s gut and digestive health.

It contains 8 amino acids supporting nutrient absorption and keeps the equine’s digestive system strong and healthy. It is a 100 percent natural product free from soy, sugar, and starches. Equinety Horse XL provides sufficient fiber to the equine and improves digestion by reducing constipation and other gut issues.

Equniety Ultimate OEC is another best product that contains colloidal silver, flaxseed-based omega 3, and natural vitamin E to improve the equine’s gastric health. The immune and nerve function will work at an optimal level with the help of this product. It is quite an economical option for you if you own a horse.

You can combine Equinety Horse XL and Equinety Ultimate OEC to make the best natural supplement for your horse to ensure your equine’s gut and digestive health and improve its overall health.

  • Horse Gut Health with Ulcer Supplements:

Ulcer supplements contain essential ingredients that are ideal for gut health as they contain vitamin E, colloidal silver, and Flaxseeds based omega 3 acids. These supplements also comprise amino acids that work as building blocks for the horse to keep their digestive system healthy and effective.

Tips to Increase Horse Digestive System
  • If you want to improve the digestive system of your equine, then you should provide them with good quality hay as it contains fiber to support gut health.
  • A sudden change in the feed and feeding pattern of the horse will have adverse effects on the gut and digestive health of the equine. Don’t let the horse’s stomach empty because it will start producing acids in the stomach that will lead to ulcers and other digestive issues.
  • Please reduce the number of grains in the horse’s diet because they are digested quickly, and keeping the horse’s stomach empty most of the time is not a good sign for gut health.
  • An abundant fresh water supply is ideal for neutralizing acids in the horse’s stomach. Your equine should have free access to plenty of water.

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Gut health is essential for the equine to keep its digestive system efficient and healthy. With the help of the best natural feed, you can improve your horse’s gut health, so go for a diet enriched with fiber and capable of keeping your stomach full. Empty stomachs start producing acids that can lead to ulcers and other gut issues. Including natural supplements like Equinety Horse XL and Equinety Ultimate OEC in your equine’s diet will strengthen its digestive system and improve gut health.


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