Best Horse Weight Gainer Feed and Supplements (2023)

Horses have to perform complicated tasks, whether performance or working horses. So it is essential to maintain their weight at an ideal level. If you see the ribs of your equine, it is a sign that an underweight horse may be at risk of higher health problems.

First, you should determine why your horse is underweight; to do so, you can consult an equine nutritionist or veterinarian. There are many reasons behind a thin and underweight horse, including your equine not getting enough calories, poor feed, or suffering from ulcers, chronic pain, diseases, parasites, or dental issues.

If your horse has no health issues but is still underweight, add horse weight gainer feed and supplements to the horse’s diet. If you think feeding hay, grass, or oat is enough to fulfill the dietary demands of your horse, then you are wrong because a horse’s body requires sufficient vitamins, minerals, and protein in its regular diet. You must think of adding horse weight gain feed to the diet of horses, and adding natural supplements is also the best way of fulfilling equine’s nutritional needs.

Horse Weight Gain Feed:

The horse’s feed plays a vital role in weight gain, so you must supply horse weight gain feed to your equine. The body of horses requires frequent feeding, so ensure your horse always has forage available.

Choose such feed for a horse rich in fiber and oil because they provide plenty of energy to a horse, which is essential for weight gain. Hay and pasture contain fiber, so add them to your equine’s regular diet.

Lucerne hay, also known as alfalfa, is another best feed for horses as it is high-energy forage and helps in high-calorie intake. Cereal grains and grain-based feeds also help gain weight because they are high-energy feeds. Add soybean, linseed, canola, and legumes to the horse diet as they are high in protein and best for weight gaining process.

How to Make a Horse Gain Weight Quickly?

If you provide the best quality feed to your horse, it will gain weight with time. But if you want to make your horse gain weight quickly, adding a supplement to its diet is recommended. These supplements provide all the necessary ingredients to the body of horses and boost their healthy weight rapidly.

Natural supplements are best for underweight horses because they contain vitamins, minerals, protein, and amino acids. With all these ingredients help, a natural supplement will help your horse get weight quickly. Natural supplements also help horses in getting healthy coats and skin.

How to Make a Horse Gain Weight and Muscle?

Highly digestible fiber sources are helpful for horses in gaining weight, like sugar beet. Patterns and feeding frequency are also beneficial for a horse to gain weight and muscle because horses’ bodies require frequent feeding in a day.

Protein is the best way of gaining muscles, so feeding your horse with a protein-rich diet and adding a supplement to your equine’s diet will help it get muscles quickly. These supplements also contain amino acids that can boost the strength of muscles and improve the horse’s weight. Add natural supplements to your equine’s diet regularly to make it stronger and healthy. Exercise is also essential for horses to gain muscles. So riding up and downhill small jumps or logs and trotting along river beds are the best exercises.

How long does it take for a horse to gain weight?

It depends upon the diet, exercise level, and environment provided to the horses and how quickly they gain weight. Usually, horses take almost three weeks to adopt a high-fat diet. So after that, they will start gaining significant weight daily.

An average horse can gain weight within four months. But if you add a supplement to their diet, they will gain significant weight within a few weeks. If your horse is underweight, you can consult an equine veterinarian or nutritionist to suggest the best supplement. The vet will suggest supplements according to the physical condition of your equine, and you will get significant results within one month. You can also add these supplements to the regular diet of your horse.

Horse Losing Weight but Eating:

It has many reasons why your horse is eating but still losing weight. Limited or poor-quality feed, diseases, and health problems are the leading causes of the reduction in the weight of horses. If your horse is living in a stressful environment, it is more likely to start losing weight. Consult to vet if your horse is eating but still losing weight to diagnose health issues. If your horse has no health issues, add a natural supplement to its diet. It will help your equine consume the proper quantity of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and protein that will help you gain weight.

Home Remedies to make an underweight horse gain weight:

Many home remedies will make your underweight horse gain weight. So first of all, check for the feed of your equine and add some oils in its diet that have the correct quantity of omega 3 and fatty acids in it. You can provide corn oil, soybean oil, and wheat germ to your horse as they will improve the overall health of the body and add weight to a horse’s body.

Provide free access to forage and choose a feed that is high in protein and fats because it will help your equine gain weight. Free access to plenty of fresh water is also beneficial for underweight horses to gain a healthy weight.

Best horse weight gain supplements:

Horse weight gain supplements are best for underweight horses because they provide the necessary protein, vitamins, and minerals to the equine’s body. You will find details about the best horse weight gain supplements in 2023.

Equinety Horse XL is the best product with 8 different amino acids necessary for the weight-gaining process of equine. This product will improve muscle health, and your horse will also get a healthier coat and bones. You can also boost your horse’s performance with this product, which will help in muscle gain.

Equinety Horse XL is a natural product that does not contain fillers, sugar, and soy. So your horse will get a healthier weight without any side effects. Joint issues also cause weight reduction, so this product is ideal for treating all kinds of joint problems in horses.

Equinety Ultimate OEC is another fantastic product to help your horse gain weight. This product is based on colloidal silver, omega 3, and vitamin E, which are necessary for the proper weight growth of a horse. It also supports the immune health of the equine, which is the main hurdle in gaining weight.

You can combine Equinety Horse XL and Equinety Ultimate OEC to make a powerful natural supplement for your horse. It will not only help your equine get desired weight, but your horse will be able to perform better and economically.

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