Pregnant Mare Nutrition Care and Supplements (2023)

A pregnant mare requires adequate health and nutrition care. Breeding your mare with the best physical condition is for the betterment. The first forty days of pregnancy are essential in a mare’s life because they are more susceptible to early embryonic death loss due to many factors.

In the first 30 days, you can confirm the mare’s pregnancy. You can again reconfirm it at 90 days with the help of a vet.

Nutrition care is most important for the health of the mare and foal because a mare’s body requires more energy, which is only possible with a high-quality, balanced diet. Supplements have a significant role in the overall well-being and care of the mare. They have all the necessary vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, and other ingredients during pregnancy. Here you will get info about the best pregnant mare supplements in 2023 to help your mare quickly through this life phase.

Pregnant Mare Care and Well-Being:

 A mare experiences many emotional and physical changes during pregnancy as she has to carry and give birth to a foal, so paying particular attention to her health and well-being is necessary.

Following are a few tips for caring for a pregnant mare, so look at them.

1. Clean and Peaceful Environment:

Mares have too much association with their environment is strongly recommended to provide a clean and peaceful environment to her during pregnancy. A dry and clean stall will make her feel more comfortable, and try to avoid the presence of tractors and machinery near the booth.

2. Balanced Diet:

You cannot expect a healthy and sound pregnancy period of mare without providing a balanced diet, so go for high-quality forage and low-starchy food. Mare needs more food to meet her increased nutritional needs.

3. Exercise:

Exercise is essential for all horses, but in the case of a pregnant mare, its role is more important because the muscles get stronger and the weight remains under control. A moderate level of exercise will help the mare eliminate the stress that is quite dangerous for the foal.

4. Vaccination:

The body of a pregnant mare is more attractive to infections, which is why proper vaccination is mandatory during this period to protect the foal and mare from infectious diseases. Regular deworming is also helpful in preventing parasites that are not good for the health of the foal and mare.

Feed and Nutrition a Pregnant Mare Needs

Mare also needs more feed and Nutrition during pregnancy to support foal growth inside her body. With the passage of pregnancy, these nutritional requirements increase, and in the last trimester, you have to pay special attention to your mare’s diet.

  • Grains:

Grains have little role in Nutrition during pregnancy because they can are digested quickly and leave the stomach of a mare empty for most of the time. You can use them to provide additional protein and energy to a mare’s body. So a high-quality grain mix containing at least 10% fat and 16% protein will be a good choice.

  • Forage:

Forage provides a strong basis for a safe pregnancy of a mare because it contains all the necessary ingredients for a balanced diet. High-quality hay containing fiber will help the mare’s gut health but ensure the hay you supply is free from dust and molds. Experts mainly recommend Alfalfa hay as it contains calcium and protein in high quantities.

  • Water:

An abundant water supply to a pregnant mare will support nutrient absorption and digestion, so provide free access to the water for 24 hours. Water must be clean and fresh to help the mare stay hydrated and healthy.

  • Vitamins and Minerals:

A pregnant mare requires an increased quantity of various vitamins and minerals because they are essential for the growth of the fetus. You should provide minerals like calcium through a balanced diet, and vitamins A, B, D, and E are also essential in the mare’s diet. Choosing the correct quantity of vitamins and minerals is difficult, so always consult a vet and follow their instructions.

  • Protein and Amino Acids:

Protein is helpful in tissue growth and repair. It is more required during pregnancy because it supports milk production and fetal development. Add supplements to your pregnant mare’s diet high in protein and amino acids for the secure tenure of pregnancy.

  • Feed Management:

Feed management helps the mare get sufficient food often daily because the horse’s body can support frequent moderate feeding instead of one or two large meals. Ensure your mare has free access to high-quality forage throughout the day.

How many Vitamins and Minerals does a Pregnant Mare Need?

The amount of vitamins and minerals a pregnant mare requires depends on the pregnancy stage and workload. Other factors determining the number of vitamins and minerals for a pregnant mare are overall health, age, and weight. Adequate levels of vitamins and minerals will help your mare go through the pregnancy well.

Best Supplements for Pregnant Mare

We cannot deny the role of natural supplements for pregnant mares because they contain all the necessary ingredients to support the health of the foal and the mare herself. It is better to consult your vet before choosing the supplement for a pregnant mare. The following accessories are for a pregnant mare.

Equinety Horse XL is a very effective natural supplement specially designed for horses to maintain their health and performance at the desired level. This product has different herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It is for horses of all ages, including pregnant mares.

With the help of increased nutrient intake, this product benefits the mare’s health and its foal. It also improves the immune system of a pregnant mare, which is essential to protect the mare’s body and foal from infections.

Equinety Ultimate O.E.C. is another excellent natural product for pregnant mares because it contains colloidal silver, flaxseed-based omega-3 oil, and vitamin E to support the health of foal and mare. Omega 3 fatty acids have a significant role in developing the nervous system and the foal’s brain. It also helps reduce inflammation, a common issue of pregnant mares. Colloidal silver helps the mare to get safe from different infections.


Supplements have a significant role in fulfilling any nutritional deficiency that may arise due to pregnancy in mares. Adequate intake of necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and protein is essential to support a mare’s body during pregnancy, ensured with a natural supplement.

Natural supplements like Equinety Horse XL and Equinety Ultimate O.E.C. will be excellent choices for your pregnant mare. It contains all minerals.

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