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How to Increase Horse Hoof Growth (Guide 2023)

Horses travel on hard surfaces, which is why it is crucial to maintain the health of their hooves. The proper functioning and stability of their legs depend upon the condition of the hooves. So if you also own a horse, then you should continuously monitor the health of your equine’s hooves.

The growth of horse hoof depends upon their diet, but still, many horses require nutritional help so that you can add the best supplement to your horse’s diet. Hoof growth supplements contain biotin, zinc, vitamins, iodine, and amino acids that can improve the overall health of hooves.
Tips to Improve Horse Hoof Growth:

Healthy hooves of horses overgrow and are also easy to maintain by proper trimming and shod. If your horse is not having sufficient growth of hoof, then you can for these options.

  • Exercise:

Exercise also plays a vital role in the growth of the horse’s hoof as the movement in the horse’s body will increase blood flow and easily pass through the inner parts of the feet. A massive exercise will also help your equine absorb essential nutrients like amino acids, proteins, fats, and minerals, improving the horse’s overall health.

  • Nutrition:

If the horse’s nutrition is on the right track, it will also help him get healthy hooves. Low-calorie diet will result in slower growth of the hoof, and protein deficiency is also bad for the health of the hoof. Horses require frequent feeding, and including a hoof supplement like Equinety Horse XL will also help fulfill your equine’s nutrition requirements.

  • Hoof Supplements:

Horse nutrition supplements are ideal for getting the best hoof growth of a horse. So if your horse faces cracked, substandard hooves, it is advised to add a hoof supplement to the horse’s diet.

Equinety Horse XL is a supplement capable of solving all issues related to the growth of hooves. This product has a natural formula that maximizes your horse’s performance by repairing its hooves. After using this supplement, your horse will get stronger and healthier hoof.

There are eight amino acids in Equinety Horse XL. These are essential to keep your horse’s hoof healthy and for the necessary repair of cells. Lysine amino acid is present in this supplement for forming a healthy and strong hoof. You will get the optimum quantity of amino acids in each 5g scoop of this supplement that will build protein in the body of your equine. Zinc and minerals are essential for solving many hoof-related issues, and both are present in Equinety Horse XL.

Equinety Ultimate OEC is another product that contains Vitamin E, Colloidal Silver, and Omega 3 in it. This product acts as a potent antioxidant, secures the hoof’s health, and improves the horse’s performance by boosting its immune system.

Vitamin E added to this formula is helpful for nerve and muscle functioning and prevents the hoof from cracks and other problems. Omega 3 acid will give a shiny and robust hoof to your equine and develop resilience against allergies and irritations associated with a hoof. Colloidal silver can heal irritated skin and supports the overall health of hooves in horses.

You can also combine both of these products to make the best hoof growth supplement for your horse. Combining these two products in the horse’s diet will secure the growth and health of the hoof of the horse, but it will also provide all necessary vitamins, minerals, and protein in the body of the equine.

Hoof Supplement for Barefoot Horses:

Many horses can perform better with the help of barefoot. If your horse is posing good hoof health, you can go barefoot. Still, you will need a hoof supplement for barefoot horses because it will protect and support the feet.

Equinety Horse XL is a natural supplement that will help your barefoot horse to perform better. This product is equally suitable for barefoot performance and working horses. It is a high-quality supplement with no soy, starches, sugar, or fillers added to it to maintain hooves’ natural health.

Hoof Supplement for Cracked Hooves:

Cracked hooves are dangerous for the horse as they will not only significantly decline the horse’s performance but can also lead to deadly infections. No matter how minor the crack is, you should pay special attention to proper treatment and care for it.

Hoof supplements are also helpful for repairing cracked hooves. So if you are looking for the best supplement for your horse, you must think about a combination of Equinety Ultimate OEC and Equinety Horse XL. These two products will make a perfect supplement for the cracked hooves of the horse by boosting the immune system of horses for quick repair and sufficient growth of hooves.

Feed and Nutrition for Equine to Improve Hoof Growth Naturally:

If you manage the best feed and nutrition for your equine, it will also naturally improve the hoof growth. You can add many herbs to the diet of your equine for better hooves and inclined performance.

Rosehips, nettle, comfrey, and kelp are essential herbs that will make the skin and hooves of your equine healthy. You can also add vitamins to your horse’s feed and nutrition to improve hooves’ health. A natural supplement like Equinety Horse XL is also ideal for making the best growth of hooves because it contains all essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and protein that are necessary for the proper functioning of the body of the equine.

What Factors Affect Hoof Growth?

The hoof growth of a horse depends upon many factors, and a better hoof is also essential for the performance and overall health of the horse. Following are a few main factors that can affect hoof growth.

1. Nutrition:

Nutrition is the first and most crucial element in the hoof growth of a horse. So if your equine is getting substandard or poor nutrition, it will result in different hoof-related issues and a dull hair coat. Add zinc, minerals, proteins, and amino acids to your equine’s diet for their hooves’ massive and rapid growth. A natural supplement like Equinety Horse XL will help your horse get all the necessary nutrients and better hoof growth.

2. Age:

Senior horses experience more issues related to the growth of their hooves because as they grow older, the growth of hooves becomes slower.  

3. Exercise:

Exercise is essential for the growth of the hoof. So if your horse is doing little exercise regularly, it will affect the growth of the hoof inversely.

4. Environment:

Environment and demographic conditions also contribute to the growth of hooves in horses. In cold months the growth of the hoof becomes slower in a horse, whereas in spring and summer, you can expect considerable growth in their hooves.

5. Injuries:

Foot injuries in horses also affect the growth of their hooves, so you must not forgo any minor injury and take proper care of your equine for the progressive growth of horses and their overall health.

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