How to Reduce Inflammation in Horses

Natural Anti-Inflammatory for Horses (Guide 2023)

If your horse is ill or injured, it will show constant signs of inflammation in the body. Due to this, most horse owners seek the best anti-inflammatory for horses. There are many inflammatory medicines available, but their long-term use is not suitable for the health of horses, so you should go for the best alternatives.

Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory products manage inflammation and pain in horses because they can improve equine quality of life. Natural products are ideal to use as anti-inflammatories because they will not only tackle the inflammatory issues in equine but also boost their body condition.
Anti-Inflammatory Supplements for Horses:

You can go for a natural anti-inflammatory supplement. It will also be beneficial for the overall health of your equine. Natural supplements help horses reduce inflammation and pain in their body, and they are the best and most natural way to overcome this issue.

Equinety Ultimate OEC is a natural product that most horse owners use to improve their overall health. It acts as an anti-inflammatory product. It will boost the immune system of your equine by neutralizing free radicals, and it is entirely safe for your horse. It contains vitamin E, colloidal silver, and omega 3, making it a potent antioxidant. This product does not have fillers, sugar, or starches; hence it will provide the best results without any side effects.

Equinety Horse XL is another fantastic product with 8 different amino acids. It will maximize the performance of your equine with cell regeneration. You can combine Equinety Horse XL with Equinety Ultimate OEC to make the best natural supplement for your equine that will reduce inflammation and fulfill all body requirements.

Natural Anti-inflammatory Herbs for Horses:

Natural anti-inflammatory herbs have been used since ancient times to improve their health and quality of life. In a natural environment, horses have been self-medicating with herbs. So if you are looking for the best natural anti-inflammatory herbs for your equine, then you should try the following.

1. Turmeric:

Turmeric is a suitable natural herb for horses because it has anti-inflammatory properties. You can feed this herb to your horse as a dietary supplement, as it contains more than 300 active compounds. Turmeric lowers the level of enzymes in the body of the equine, which contributes significantly to inflammation and can also reduce inflammation quickly.

2. Ginger:

Like humans, ginger is also an excellent supplement for horses due to its multiple benefits. So if your equine is facing inflammation, this herb will provide significant relief. The ginger powder reduces inflammation by neutralizing the free radicals that contribute to it. Blood flow in the body of the equine can stimulate with the help of ginger.

3. Garlic:

Garlic is another natural herb that has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This herb contains many anti-inflammatory and anti-pain substances and can also reduce swelling in the body of horses.

How to Reduce Inflammation in Horses?

There are many natural ways of reducing inflammation in horses. You can try any of these below.

1. Hydrotherapy:

Hydrotherapy is one of the most effective ways of reducing inflammation. It is also helpful in enhancing muscle activity and increasing joint mobility. You can use hot or cold water in hydrotherapy, but cold water will be more effective in reducing inflammation and heat. Cold water will reduce and stimulate blood flow and inflammatory mediators, so your horse will get quick relief after this procedure.

2. Massage Therapy:

Massage therapy is another good technique for reducing inflammation in horses. It will support the joints of your equine, and the equine will experience a considerable reduction in inflammation. The scar tissues of the horse will loosen due to massage therapy, and pain will reduce as the equine can move freely.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Diet:

You can minimize the chances of inflammation to some extent with the help of diet. Similarly, adding high minerals and vitamins to the horse’s feed will be much more beneficial if your horse is facing inflammation. Herbs are also quite effective in reducing inflammation. So as mentioned above, you can try ginger, turmeric, garlic, and other herbs because they act as anti-inflammatory products.

4. Anti-Inflammatory Supplement:

A natural anti-inflammatory supplement will be the best remedy to reduce inflammation in horses. Omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins minimize the risk of chronic diseases and reduce pain and inflammation.

Equinety Ultimate OEC is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that will help your equine boost its immune system and quickly relieve inflammation. You can use this product alone and add Equinety Horse XL to supplement your equine. It will act as an anti-inflammatory supplement, and your equine will also get healthier skin, coats, and muscle health.


Are Anti-inflammatory Drugs Safe for Horses?

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used for horses due to their anti-inflammatory properties, but are they safe?

All anti-inflammatory drugs have side effects, and your equine may face stomach ulcers, kidney failure, urinal issues, and low appetite. We don’t recommend these drugs, although they have a margin of safety. So it is advised to go for herbs and natural supplements for better results without compromising the overall health condition of your horse.

When Horses Need Anti-Inflammatory Medication?

Anti-inflammatory medication to horses without a vet prescription is dangerous. You should use these drugs only after 48 hours of injury or inflammation. We further advise you not to use anti-inflammatory drugs if there is any evidence of complications or your equine is dehydrated. Go for anti-inflammatory medication if inflammation reduces after doing the steps mentioned above and only under the supervision of a vet.

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