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How to Improve the Focus of Distracted Horse (5 Easy Ways)

The relationship between humans and horses is ancient and still very strong, so if you are a house owner, you may know the importance of focus and attention to horses. A horse with a greater focus will be healthier than a distracted horse; that is why most equine owners try to maintain focus.

Focused horses have to face less stress, whereas if your horse has a distracted mind, it will result in head shaking, kicking, and biting. It is challenging to judge the power of attention in horses, but several ways will help you know about it. Eye movement of a horse enables a horse trainer or owner that he is thinking and where his attention is focused. Similarly, if your horse’s ears are forward, he is alert and paying attention.

Supplements improve the focus of horses, which helps with anxiety and stress in horses. Here you will find a complete guide about horse focus supplements.

Best Horse Supplements to Increase Focus and Attention:

There are many horse supplements available to increase focus and attention in equine. When training a horse, it is essential to keep its attention at the maximum level. You can consult the vet for suggestions on the best supplement for your horse that can increase focus. Natural supplements are preferable as they help horses to get attention and focus more naturally. If you are looking for the best horse supplements for a distracted horse, then you can choose the following choices.

Equinety Horse XL is one of the best supplements for a horse that will help your horse enhance attention and focus. Your horse will be calm, and its performance will enhance. This product has 100% pure amino acids that lead to improved attention and focus. These amino acids are also essential for horses to make hormones and brain chemicals for better focus and performance.

Equinety Horse XL will not only boost your horse’s focus but also contribute to the overall health of the horse. Equine will get a healthier coat and bones, making it more responsive. If your horse is busy-minded, nervous, and hyper-sensitive to noise and new places, Equinety Horse XL is the best supplement to tackle all these issues.

You will get 100 days of supply at a very economical price. Your horse can get focus, confidence, control, attention, and mental stability.

Equinety Ultimate OEC is another excellent product that will help your horse maximize gastric health. If your horse is facing gastric and joint issues, it will also lead to poor focus and attention.

Equinety Ultimate OEC contains Vitamin E, essential for smooth nerves and muscle functioning. This product contains colloidal silver and Omega 3 oil for better stamina and support to the horse’s immune system.

You can use both products mentioned above to make a perfect natural supplement for equines that will help get desired focus and health results. It will keep the equine calm and assists in getting better attention.

How do I Get My Horse to Focus and Concentrate? (4 Tips)

If a horse is not paying attention to you, you can judge it from its actions, behavior, and body language. If you need to learn how to focus and concentrate on your horse, it can be frustrating.

First of all, you have to determine whether your horse is paying attention or not. Then, you can be able to get the focus and concentration back. Here are a few tips to help you improve your focus on equine.

1. Stress-Free Environment:

The first and most essential factor in getting the focus and concentration of horses is providing a stress-free environment. If something approaches horses quickly, they will be distracted easily, providing a peaceful environment for the horse. They will start getting frustrated if a tractor is working or a dog is running close to the horse. After providing a calm environment to the equine, you will feel considerable positive changes in focus and concentration.

2. Focus Concentration Exercises:

Go for those exercises that can seek the attention and focus of the horse. Spiraling circles will be helpful to get focus and concentration on your horse. You have to ask your horse to spiral in from a 20 cm circle to a 10 cm circle and then push back out to a 20 cm circle. Moving from a 20 cm circle to a 10 cm circle will help your horse to get more focus.

You can also ride your horse in different shapes, like half circles and squares, as a change in the exercise pattern is ideal for better concentration.

3. Natural Supplements:

Natural supplements capable of calming a horse are also helpful to get the focus and concentration of your horse. You can go for Equinety Horse XL and Equinety Ultimate OEC to make the best supplement for your horse. This supplement will help get maximum attention level because it will relax your horse by boosting its immune system and strengthening the coat and bones’ health.

4. Help your Horse to be Calm and Easy to Breathe:

Calmness and easy breathing are essential for a horse to pay attention to its daily routine tasks and activities. If your horse is facing difficulty breathing, bring it to a natural environment for fresh air. Keep the horse quiet and still to calm it; after a few minutes, it will start breathing easily.

If your horse is hyper, it may be due to hunger or dehydration, so feed your horse and keep him hydrated. A deficiency of amino acids and vitamin E in horses’ diet is also responsible for anxiety and distraction. Include a natural supplement like Equinety Horse Xl in the horse’s diet. It will help your horse to remain calm most of the time.

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