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Best Calming Supplements for Horse that Works (2023)

A horse’s performance depends on calmness, and your relationship with the horse plays a vital role. If your equine shows aggressive behavior, it is dangerous for riding and working.

Most horse owners prefer calming supplements to keep their equine manageable and boost their willingness to get training. Getting the best calming supplement is difficult because each horse poses different behavior. So before finalizing a supplement, you should be aware of the nature of your equine.

Benefits of Calming Supplements:

Calming supplements are the best source of relief for horses and mares, which is why horse owners mainly demand them. Following are some significant advantages that will help your equine in soundness and performance.

1. Improvement in Nerves and Muscle Functioning:

Calming supplements help horses improve their nerves and muscle functioning as they contain magnesium. Magnesium is essential for exercising and growing horses, so a horse without magnesium feels anxious and nervous.

Most calming supplements contain magnesium because it helps ease muscles and reduce horse nervousness.

Calming supplements are also ideal for enhancing the focus of horses so your equine will feel less stress and its performance will boost. When added to calming supplements, Amino acid helps a horse get better focus and improved attention.

3. Vitamin B1:

The metabolism health of a horse is supported by vitamin B1, which includes calming supplements. Your horse will not get muscle fatigue and stiffness after getting vitamin B1 in its diet.

Best Instant Calmer for Horses and Mares:

If your equine is showing continuous aggressive behavior, you should go for an instant calmer as it will help your horse or mare maintain standard nerve transmission and support against stress.

Equinety Horse XL:

Equnitey Horse XL is a magical product suitable for working and performing horses. It will help your horse or mare to overcome aggression instantly, and you will get excellent results.

This formula has 8 amino acids that will help your equine promote cellular repair, increase focus for the best response, and release the necessary hormones to bring calmness. Joint issues are also the leading cause of stress or anxiety in horses, and Equinety Horse XL is also an excellent supplement for relieving joint pain.

Horse calming supplements Comparison Chart:

Equinety Horse XL is the best calming supplement for bringing calmness to the behavior of your equine. After using this product, you will get the best mental health for your equine and help boost the physical health and performance of the horse. It contains the following ingredients in each 5g scoop.

  • Glycine: 500 mg
  • L- Lysine HCI: 1250 mg
  • L- Glutamine: 250 mg
  • L- Valine: 400 mg
  • L- Isoleucine: 400 mg
  • L-Leucine: 400 mg
  • L- Ornithine HCI:  750 mg
  • L- Arginine HCI: 1250 mg

Natural Calming Supplements for Horses:

Natural calming supplements are ideal for boosting your horse’s performance as they improve mental health and stability. You can go for the following supplements that are natural and capable of tackling nervousness and behavioral issues in horses.

Equinety Ultimate OEC contains a natural formula with natural vitamin E, colloidal silver, and omega 3 to make a powerful antioxidant for your horse. It will increase the immune system, so your equine will have an instant calming effect. Gastric issues are also a big reason behind the aggression and discomfort in horses. So with the help of Equinety Ultimate OEC, your horse will get the best gastric health.

To get desired results and boost your equine’s calm behavior, you should use a combination of Equinety Horse XL and Equinety Ultimate OEC.

You will get the best natural calming supplements with the help of these two products mentioned above. It will also help you solve many other issues related to your equine’s joints, muscles, skin, and gastric health.


Do Calming Paste for Horses Work?

Calming paste for horses contains all the ingredients necessary to balance all essential minerals and vitamins in the body. It will promote relaxation and focus in the horses that are suffering from any kind of anxiety or aggression.

It is also essential to choose the best calming paste for the horse that works because you have to analyze the behavior of your equine first and then go for the desired supplement. Equinety Horse XL and Equniety Ultimate OEC can be combined to make a calming paste that will solve all calmness-related issues of your horse.

What is the best feed to calm spooky horses?

If you own a spooky horse, you can change its undesirable behavior with the help of the best feed. Fibrous feeds are the best source of providing desired energy to your horse, and they will also make your horse more responsive and calm.

Cereal grains, flaxseed oil, omega-3 oil, colloidal silver, and vitamin E help calm a spooky horse. You should add these ingredients to a spooky horse’s diet for long-term results.

It is easy to add a natural supplement like Equinety Ultimate OEC and Equinety Horse XL to the nutrition of a spooky horse to provide all essential vitamins and minerals. It will not only help your horse to get calm behavior but your horse will get desired physical health as well.

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Final Words:

Sound mental health is essential for getting the best performance from your equine, whether a working or performing horse. Anxiety and aggressiveness in horses’ behavior are uncommon, but you should tackle it immediately, and to do so, you should go for the best calming supplement.

Equinety Horse XL and Equinety Ultimate OEC are powerful products for horses facing aggressive behavior issues. These products are combined to make a natural supplement for providing instant calm to your equine. You will not only be able to bring calmness to your horse’s behavior, but your horse will also get better muscles, coats, skin, and gastric health after using the combination of these two products.


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