Horse Weight Loss Diet, Exercises and Supplements (2023)

Overweight horses have to face more significant health risks, and it is also a common problem in horses. Fat horses must face increased stress on the lungs and heart, laminitis, and orthopedic problems, including joint and bone issues. Overweight horses have exercise intolerance, so they often show aggressive behavior. Metabolic disturbances in horses are also associated with fat ones, so a horse owner needs to control the weight of the equine.

A weight reduction program can help horses get ideal weight without losing energy and efficiency. If your horse is less efficient and feels sluggish and tired, it is a sign that it is fat. There are different ways to reduce your equine’s weight and keep it at the ideal level so that you can choose the following options.

Feed and Diet for Overweight Equine:

Feed management and the best diet plan help a horse lose weight without compromising overall health. You should only feed your equine with concentrated feed or a small number of grains rather than go for low sugar and low-calorie diet in a small amount.

The body of the horse requires frequent feeding. So you can feed it with moderate quality grass hay at a ratio of 1.5% of body weight divided into several meals daily. You can also reduce the quantity of grass hay to 1.2% of body weight if your horse is not reducing its weight.

Most horse owners add alfalfa to their equine diet, but if you want weight reduction, provide a minimum quantity. Alfalfa contains a rich amount of calcium, energy, and protein, significantly increasing weight.

Mature grass hay is another best feed for fat horses because it is low in calories that will help in reducing significant weight. A horse gain more weight when energy intake is more than energy expenditure. So going for the best weight management feed plan will help your equine to stay at its ideal weight.

Best Exercises for Horses to Lose Weight:

You cannot control the weight of your equine with the help of diet only because every feed has calories in it. If you don’t appropriately burn it, the weight will increase instead of decrease. The best way to reduce weight is to go for exercises that help burn excess calories and keep the horse’s weight at the desired level.

If your horse is fat, you should evaluate the level of exercise or work it is doing daily and then increase the level of exercise slowly for the best weight management.

Trail riding or hacking, hand walking, hill work, lunging, or long reining are some best exercises for overweight horses. These exercises will reduce the number of body fats by burning calories, and your equine will also get enhanced health with the capabilities of bones and muscles. You can start with 30 minutes daily exercise routine and increase the time after every week. Besides, track and monitor the body conditions of the horse after every two weeks and continue the exercise plan.

Natural Supplements for Horse to Weight Loss:

Natural supplements also play an essential role in the weight reduction of horses. So you can add them to your horse’s diet, which will help you get the desired equine weight. Here you will find the best natural supplements for your horse for weight loss.

Equinety Horse XL is a natural product for weight management because it contains 8 different types of amino acids. These amino acids are 100% natural, help build muscle strength in equine and reduce fats in the body.

This product will help in cell regeneration and maximize your horse’s performance in exercise. It will help burn more calories, reducing the weight of the equine. It is a 100% natural product because it has no soy, sugar, or starches, the leading cause of weight gain. Your equine will not only be able to reduce its weight and gain desired health level, but it will also solve joint and bone issues of the horse, which will help the overweight horse to perform better.

Equinety Ultimate OEC is also the best product for weight reduction in horses. It improves the cardiovascular system by successfully delivering blood flow and oxygen to the organs of your equine. This product also supports the gastric health of the equine so that stomach and intestine can handle the food resulting in the best weight management.

Equinety Ultimate OEC also supports the immune function of horses and replenishes the repaired cells. Equine can get more substantial muscles by burning extra fats in the body and maintaining desired weight.

We recommend you go for Equinety Horse XL and Equinety Ultimate OEC because they make a powerful natural supplement for your horse. Your horse’s body will get what it needs with the help of this supplement, and it also helps in the weight management program of the horse. This supplement will also help your horse improve its muscle support for strength and recovery. So you can easily track your equine’s overall health level after using these products.

Cause of Overweight Horse:

Many factors are responsible for weight increase in horses, so the following are the leading causes of overweight horses.

  • Overfeeding is the leading cause of overweight in the horse. So if you provide excessive feed to your equine enriched in protein, it will gain more weight.
  • If your horse is not exercising enough, it will burn a low quantity of calories taken through diet. Your horse will start gaining weight, and it will also lead to different health issues.
  • Some diseases also contribute to weight gain in the horse. For example, insulin resistance and pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID).
Preventions to Gain More Weight in the Future:

With the help of Equinety Horse XL and Equinety Ultimate OEC, your horse can get rid of extra fats in the body. It is an essential element of the best horse management plan. Following are some ways to gain weight in the future, so you should be familiar with them.

  • Continuously monitor your horse’s weight to remain at the desired level.
  • Exercise plays the most crucial role in controlling weight for a long time, so make a proper exercise schedule for your equine and follow it strictly.
  • Refrain from overfeeding your equine and try to supply low calories feed that will help in weight management quickly.
  • Add a natural supplement like Equinety Horse XL and Equinety Ultimate OEC to your equine’s diet. It will help your horse manage weight, and your equine will get better skin, muscles, and desired health levels.

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