Best Horse Joint Treatment Diet and Supplements 2023

Joint problems are painful for horses, and they also cause inflammation in them. Different horses face different types of joint diseases affecting bursae, cartilage, underlying bones, surrounding tendons, fluid within joints, and joint membranes.

A horse suffering from a joint disease has to face many challenges in daily activities. On average, 60% of lameness in horses is due to joint issues. You should not ignore it if your horse is experiencing any sign of joint problems. Many horses do not show any sign of lameness when facing inflammation or damage in joints. With the help of early diagnosis and proper prevention, you can manage joint diseases in your equine.

Why are Joint Supplements Necessary for Horses?

Horse joint supplements are readily available and best for curing many joint diseases. These supplements will help your equine quickly move and reduce the impact of joint stress by providing maximum support to them.

If you are providing the best natural joint supplement to your horse, then it will keep him healthy by providing a smooth movement.

Joint supplements are capable of repairing and stabilizing joint-related changes in horses. If your horse is not facing any joint issues, it still needs joint supplements to control any natural wear and tear in joints. Joint supplements are also beneficial when any joint injury is detected because they can save the horse from joint trauma and other serious consequences. These are the reasons behind the popularity of joint supplements among horse owners.

How to know when your Equine Need Joint Support?

If you owe any horse, then you should be aware of any change in the appearance and performance of the horse. Many symptoms will help you in detecting any kind of joint issues in horses.

1. Decrease in Performance:

If your horse shows intolerance in exercise or work, it may be due to joint issues. The strength of joints is essential for the proper functioning of horses. If your equine’s performance is low, you should consult a vet for diagnosis of any kind of joint disease.

2. Swollen Joints:

Swollen joints are a visible sign of joint issues in horses as it can be due to inflammation. Arthritis is a common disease in horses that can result in the swelling of joints.

3. Reluctance to Exercise:

Exercise is necessary for horses, and they also love to do it regularly, but if your horse is reluctant to exercise, it may be due to joint problems. If your horse wants to spend more time lying down, it may be due to joint pain.

4. Uneven Gait:

One of the main reasons behind uneven gait in horses is a joint problem. A horse suffering from the joint disease will be unable to perform and experience uneven gait.

5. Appetite Loss:

If your horse stresses due to joint issues, it will show poor appetite. Horses spend most of their time grazing, but if your equine is reluctant to feed, it may be due to a joint injury.

6. Stiffness:

Stiffness in horses can result from various injuries, most commonly joint injuries. You can observe it easily when your equine moves forward, so you should know of any joint issue in this condition.

7. Trouble in Walking:

Joints provide maximum support to horses while walking. In joint injury or disease, your equine will face many difficulties walking. The joints of the horse will not be able to perform typically.

8. Lameness:

Your equine will experience lameness because of any pain in joints or muscles. If your horse is young and still showing lameness, you should check for any joint injury in them.

9. Pain in Back:

Different joint issues can cause pain in the back of horses. Poor saddle fit and arthritis can lead to back pain due to joint injury.

10. Swelling in Lower Leg:

The soft tissue of horses will swell in case of joint injuries. So if your horse is experiencing swelling in the lower leg, it might be due to joint disease.

Important Nutritional Value Provided by Joint Supplements:

Joint supplements contain the essential nutritional value necessary for the best support of joints. Following are the essential nutrients that a best joint supplement contains.

  • Hyaluronic Acid:

Hyaluronic acid helps reduce the deterioration in horses’ joints caused by oxidative stress. Senior horses commonly face such stress. So with the help of natural joint supplements for your equine, you can overcome this situation.

  • Glucosamine:

Glucosamine is also beneficial for horses to tackle arthritis, and it also slows down cartilage degradation.

  • Minerals:

The availability of proper mineral nutrition in horses’ diets is helpful for joint problems. It includes potassium, phosphorous, calcium, chloride, and sodium.

  • Antioxidants:

Antioxidants such as vitamins C, E, and selenium protect against joint issues. A joint supplement contains sufficient antioxidants to keep horses’ joints healthy and effective.

List of Best Horse Joint Supplements:

Adding the best natural supplement to your horse’s feed is essential to keep it healthy and capable of fighting against different joint diseases. The following are the best joint supplements for equine in 2023.

  • Equinety Horse XL:

Equinety Horse XL is one of the best natural products for your equine to prevent any kind of joint disease in them. It promotes cellular repair with the help of 8 different amino acids. After adding this supplement to the feed of your equine, it will improve muscle support for strength and recovery. Its formula contains necessary ingredients that are beneficial for more vital collagen, healthier coats, and bones. It will improve the horse’s joint health and maximize its performance with cell regeneration.

This product comprises 100 percent natural amino acids without starches, soy, fillers, and sugar. If your horse is suffering from any kind of joint issue, then it is the best product to boost its health and performance.

  • Equinety Ultimate OEC:

Equinety Ultimate OEC is another best product for those horses that are experiencing any kind of joint injury or pain. This product contains colloidal silver, natural vitamin E, and flaxseed-based omega 3 that will provide maximum support to the joint of your equine.

If your equine faces joint, skin, and coat issues, then add this natural product to its feed. By combining Equinety Ultimate OEC and Equinety Horse XL, you will get the best natural supplement for your equine that will not only provide support in joint issues. But the overall health of the equine will also improve.

  • Recommended Joint Supplements for Senior Horses:

Joint diseases are more common in senior horses because their bodies do not provide maximum support, and they are more vulnerable to joint diseases. We recommend Equinety Horse XL and Equinety Ultimate OEC as senior horses’ best natural joint supplements. This supplement will support joint, cardiovascular, and gastric health and boost the immune system.

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Most horse owners search for the best joint supplements for their equine because joint injuries and diseases are common in horses these days. Joint supplements are beneficial not only for horses facing any joint disease or senior horses, but these supplements are also ideal for young horses to keep them away from any kind of joint problem. Natural joint supplements like Equinety Horse XL and Equinety Ultimate OEC are the best products for horses experiencing joint injuries or other joint issues.


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