Best Hoof Supplements for Thin Soles Equine Horse

Best Hoof Supplement for Equine’s Thin Soles (Expert’s Guide 2023)

The thin soles of horses are a common problem to overlook. But it can have severe consequences because the sole of the horse foot is the protective layer between the sensitive structure within the foot and hoof wall. The soles of Horses should be strongest as they have to slam them on thorny ground and travel for long distances.

A horse having strong soles will be able to perform well, and they will also protect the sensitive internal structure. Thin soles are uncommon for horses due to lifestyle factors and environmental conditions. For the well-being and comfort of horses, it is compulsory to have well-cushioned and healthy soles because thin soles are the main reason behind pain and lameness.

The sole of the horse’s foot is composed of various layers. The outermost layer is hard and tough to ensure safety from external environments like stones and debris. It also protects the internal layer of the foot that is quite soft and sensitive, so thick soles are compulsory to ensure the overall health of the equine.

Supplements have a important role in the growth of solid soles and hoof because they contain sufficient vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and protein that can ensure horses’ overall health.

How to know if your Horse has Thin Soles? 7 Symptoms

Horses with thin soles are more prone to injuries, requiring extra attention and care. A few symptoms will help you identify if your horse has thin soles.

1. Lameness:

Due to a lack of protection from the ground, horses with thin soles experience lameness. It also causes soreness and pain in the hoof while walking and running.

2. Cracks:

If you are experiencing cracks in the hoof wall of your equine, it is a visible symptom of thin soles that is quite dangerous because these cracks can create a pathway for infection and other diseases to enter the horse’s body.

3. Sensitivity to cold or heat:

A horse with thin soles will be more sensitive to heat or cold as the hoof is directly exposed to environmental conditions.

4. Dryness in Hooves:

Dryness in hooves is caused due to thin soles because they are not protecting the environment and necessary moisture.

5. Soft Soles:

You can diagnose a horse with thin soles as its soles will be soft because they do not provide support and necessary cushioning for the hoof.

6. Shoe Retention Issues:

Horses have to retain shoes for a long time. So if you are experiencing poor shoe retention, it is due to thin soles because they can easily slip due to lack of support.

7. Balancing Difficulty:

Soles play a significant role in strengthening Horses’ legs, so if it shows poor balance, you must be aware of thin soles.

Treatment for Thin Soles in Horse:

Knowing the causes of thin soles is necessary for proper and quick treatment. The leading causes are poor nutrition, environmental conditions, previous injuries, genetics, inadequate hoof care, and aging. The following treatments are recommended for thin soles in horses.

  • Diet Improvement:

Necessary nutrients in the diet of equines have a significant role in treating thin soles, so pay special attention to providing a balanced diet. A diet plan having enough minerals, vitamins, and protein will provide the basis for solid and thick soles. Add high-quality hay, forage, and grains to your equine’s diet to repair thin and cracked soles conveniently.

  • Natural Hoof Supplements for Thin Soles:

Natural supplements are the best way of treating thin soles because they contain all the required ingredients to ensure the proper health of soles. The following supplements are recommended by us that will not only quickly treat thin soles but will also improve the physical condition of your equine.

Equniety Horse XL is one of the most profitable products in treating thin soles. It has a natural formula to help your equine quickly overcome this situation. This product promotes cellular repair because 8 different amino acids are available to repair sensitive tissues of the hoof wall.

This natural product is quite economical, so it is the first choice of many horse owners. You can get 100 days’ supply for just $99.99, which will solve many problems related to the horse’s health. It contains the protein necessary to provide the necessary support for the healthy growth of soles. Artificial sugar, starches, fillers, and soy are not added to this product, so it benefits your equine.

It is a unique and compelling product comprising natural vitamin E, colloidal silver, and flaxseed-based omega 3 to support joint health, healthier coats, skin, and thick soles. It will help your equine maintain healthy muscles, immune and nerve functions. So we highly recommend this product if you face the thin sole issue.

It will boost the stamina of your equine, whether it is a performing or working horse, by helping its cells to operate at optimum level. To get more desired results, you should go for Equinety Horse XL and Equniety Ultimate OEC because they will make a vital supplement together for the best health of the hoof and soles.

  • Regular Trimming:

Regular hoof care is another way of ensuring thick soles, so it includes shoeing and trimming. Due to regular trimming, the sole of your equine will not become too thin, and it will also help in healthy hoof growth.

  • Medication:

In severe conditions, you can treat thin soles with medication. So if the underlying cause is an infection, you should consult with your vet immediately to prescribe antibiotics and other topical medications.

  • Favorable Environment:

Managing a favorable environment will help your horse prevent thin soles from occurring. Provide a natural environment for your equine that is comfortable, dry, and clean to recover quickly. A wet or muddy environment will extend the recovery time and is also responsible for the further thinning soles.

Treatment for Thin Soles in Horse:
  • Supplements:

Supplements have the best results for enhancing the thickness of horse soles because they contain sufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals, protein, and amino acids. We recommend going for the combination of Equniety Ultimate OEC and Equniety Horse XL, as it will make a perfect supplement for ensuring the thickness of the soles of your equine.

  • Proper Exercise:

Exercise is quite helpful in strengthening the soles of the horse and foot wall because it improves blood circulation in the whole body of the equine and improves the muscles of the lower limb.

  • Balanced Trim:

Balanced trimming of the hoof of your equine will keep them healthy and robust so that they will get the desired growth quickly.

Best Hoof Boots for Thin Soles:

Many hoof boots are available for thin soles. It is better to go for those that can provide superior protection, comfort, and support to soles. A hoof boot should be easy to use, lightweight, and durable, so you don’t have to change them often. Breathable hoof boots allow the soles to stay dry and calm, so it is essential to go for airy material.

You should check the boots periodically for looseness and tightness; their stripes should be adjustable. Also, check the wear and tear of boots as it can affect the equine’s performance badly.


Soles have a very significant role in determining Horses’ overall health because they provide the basis for their day-to-day activities. Thin soles can be determined easily with the help of the symptoms mentioned above. If diagnosed early, there are more chances that your equine’s health will not be affected due to quick treatment. The diet has a vital role in the health of soles, so always go for a balanced diet.

We also recommend adding a natural supplement like Equinety Horse XL and Equniety Ultimate OEC to your equine’s diet to ensure thick and robust soles. These products are based on natural ingredients and are pretty economical.

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