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All About Balance

Five-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifier Tyler Wade and wife Jessi are making the most of raising their family on the rodeo road. It’s no secret that life on the rodeo road is fraught with challenges.  From the early mornings and late nights to the long miles and lengthy stretches away from home, juggling family …

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Horse Ulcers: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment (2023)

Ulcer is one of the common diseases in horses that you should ignore at any level because it leads to many dangerous consequences. As a horse owner, you must know about ulcer symptoms, causes, and treatment. If you notice strange changes in your equine’s behavior, it may be due to the presence of an ulcer. …

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Stressed Horse Symptoms sign, treatment causes diet

Stress in Horse: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Like humans, horses also experience stress caused due to many social and environmental factors that should be addressed timely. Different horses experience different anxiety and stress levels expressed through their gestures, pastures, and interaction with other horses. The horse has the most loyal and friendly nature and has had a strong relationship with humans since …

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Best Join Support Supplement for Horses

Best Joint Support Supplements for Horses (2023)

Joint support supplements are necessary for horses as they improve their health and performance. These supplements provide additional support for the healthy functioning of joints by providing comfortable movement to horses. Joint problems are more common in older and senior horses, so add joint support supplements to their nutrition. There are different ways of supporting …

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Best Muscle Recovery Suplements Horse XL

Best Muscle Recovery Natural Supplements for Horses (2023)

Horses are specially trained to cover long distances and participate in different exercises. But at the same time, these activities cause muscle fatigue. Muscle disorders are common in horses due to many reasons. These reasons include diseases and infections that badly affect horses’ daily routines. Besides them, vitamin E deficiency is also responsible for lousy …

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Never Say Never

American Paint Horse Association Chief Marketing Officer Steven Hayes has built his career in the Western industry by always saying yes to new opportunities. Steven Hayes may have graduated Tarleton State University with a degree in animal science, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at his résumé. From his job at a regional feed …

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Head Over Heels

World champion team roper Patrick Smith shares his unorthodox path to a lifelong love affair with roping and the lessons he’s learned along the way. Andersen CbarC Photo Equinety: Unlike many professional rodeo athletes, you did not grow up in the Western industry. How did you get your start in team roping? PS: I grew …

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From the Ground Up

Bill Myers of Myers Performance Horses shares his journey, his wisdom and his best industry advice. Frenchmans Guy and Myers Family Photo 2000 Larry Larson Photography It’s nearly impossible to talk about the performance horse industry without mentioning legendary sire Frenchmans Guy. From barrel horses to rope horses, and from elite professional athletes to trusty …

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Red, White and Rural

RFD-TV founder Patrick Gottsch on the importance of small communities, big communication and chasing the American dream. Pictured: left to right: Raquel, Rose, Patrick, & Gatsby Gottsch – courtesy of the family For as long as Patrick Gottsch can remember, he has loved the rural lifestyle. Born on a small farm outside of Omaha, Nebraska, …

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Equinety Horse XL + Equinety OEC Oil: Repair, Nourish, Excel

Last month, we introduced readers to our core product – Equinety Horse XL. We talked about how this powerful combination of free form crystalline amino acids works at the cellular level to promote unprecedented repair and regeneration. And while Equinety Horse XL is designed to be a stand-alone supplement for all classes of horses in …

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